Throwing Deep

Check out "Throwing Deep" a blog by South Portland thrower Daniel Guiliani. Guiliani was the Class A shot put champion outdoors and finished second in the New England Championship a year. He broke the Maine all-time best indoors with a 62-4 effort.

Hey everyone!

Talk about an exciting post season! Personal bests, All-American performances, National records being smashed..It’s just unbelievable! Congrats to Kate and Isaiah, for putting on a show at New Balance, and good luck to them at the collegiate level.

I’m glad to have ended my season on a good note, and finally winning a New England title. It felt very good to break the meet record, even though it wasn’t a PR, it was great that I could put up a throw like that in my last throw, of my last competition of junior year.

It’s crazy to think that I’ll be going into my senior year. It feels like just yesterday, I was walking the halls of South portland for the first time. I will seize the moment, and take it day by day, but it will be so hard to leave my coaches, and teammates, after all the great years and times we have spent together.

Looking forward to the indoor season, I’ll be the #2 returning shot putter in the United States, and though it will take hard work, and dedication, and much more want to on my part, but I will be competing at New Balance Indoors this coming winter, and Winning a National Title will be the main goal. Last season the Indoor winning mark was 66’5.25’’, which is practically my personal best, and I have proven I can compete at that level.

Throwing 70’ will be a long term goal, and I hope to hit that mark by the time outdoor ends next year, or maybe even throw Low 70’s (71-72). I have a new weight training program I am on, and I will follow it to the tee, and I will be attending camps over the summer such as Iron wood, in Washington in 1 week, and by the time that’s all said and done, there shouldn't be any reason why I’m not breaking that barrier.

I’ve had so much fun during Indoor, and Outdoor. I got to spend time with a great group of guys, throw farther than I ever thought I could, set All-Time bests in both seasons, and got close to my competition at meets, rather than keeping my distance like I would in the past.

I’d like to give some advice to any younger throwers in the state who has the chance to read this. Don’t ever quit. Come up with a plan, improve in all areas in which makes you throw farther, and dedicate yourselves. If you are struggling to improve, or think you don't have any more in you, just remember it is up to your work ethic, and time spent perfecting your craft as to whether or not you throw farther and break barriers. I started off throwing 32 feet 4 inches my freshman indoor season, and never imagined I’d be in the spot I’m currently in, so set high goals, and don’t rest until you break those goals, and have some fun with it.

Hope everybody has an outstanding off season, and has a great summer!

-Daniel Guiliani