State Champion spotlight: Johann Bradley Bucksport

State Champion spotlight: Johann Bradley Bucksport HS

Junior Johann Bradley of Bucksport moved to Maine from Louisana during the summer, this winter he was on the pole vault runway for his first indoor season. Bradley didn't take long to make an impact as he won the Class B state title in the vault. We caught up with him to ask about his preparations, his expectations, and about his move from the Bayou.

What were your preparations leading up to the state meet?

Hi yes of course! My preparations leading up to the state meet was a lot of practice and hard work. I knew that I would only do well by believing in myself and everything I can accomplish. I did a lot of strength training including waking up at 4 in the morning before school to practice, after school I had track practice.

How did you deal with the pressure and emotions that come along with competing in a state meet?

I did not feel much pressure during the state meet because I tried to treat it as just another practice which I think helped me during the meet. I also had the support of my family members and friends to ease the pressure off me.

What did it mean to win the state title in the pole vault? Did you think when you started the season you would be able to win?

I felt very proud to win the state title in pole vault and saw to it as a great achievement. I did not think I would win the state title at the start of the season, however I am glad to say that I did.

Coming into the season what were your goals and did you achieve them?

Coming in to the season my goals were to never stop improving, and I think I achieved this. I set intermediate goals, and I made sure to never make excuses for myself.

You moved to Maine from Louisana, what do you miss most about Louisana, and what do you like best about Maine?

The move from Louisiana was quite different. I miss my friends most along with my trainer in Louisiana. I also miss the great Louisiana southern style cooking. I like Maine's great scenery and people most here. I'm happy to be apart of this new culture and environment.

Bradley Pole Vault Progression


2015-16 Results

12-6IndoorPVMaine USATF Championship1stFinals>
7.31Indoor55mMaine USATF Championship2ndFinals>
12-6IndoorPVClass B Indoor State Championship1stFinals>
12-0IndoorPVEMITL Championship1stFinals>
7.23Indoor55mEMITL Championship12thPrelims>
12-6IndoorPVEMITL: BRW, BUC, FOX, MAT, MDI, OT, SUM1stFinals>
7.30Indoor55mEMITL: BRW, BUC, FOX, MAT, MDI, OT, SUM7thPrelims>
12-6IndoorPVEMITL: BUC, ELL, HER, JB, OT, ORO, SUM1stFinals>
7.29Indoor55mEMITL: BUC, ELL, HER, JB, OT, ORO, SUM3rdFinals>
7.38Indoor55mEMITL: BUC, ELL, HER, JB, OT, ORO, SUM3rdPrelims>
12-4IndoorPVEMITL: BUC, FOX JB, MAT, SUM1stFinals>
7.29Indoor55mEMITL: BUC, FOX JB, MAT, SUM7thPrelims>
12-0IndoorPVEMITL: BAN, BUC, FOX, HER, MAT, OT1stFinals>
7.39Indoor55mEMITL: BAN, BUC, FOX, HER, MAT, OT6thFinals>
7.30Indoor55mEMITL: BAN, BUC, FOX, HER, MAT, OT6thPrelims>