In His Own Words: Trust In Your Training

Griffin Allaire, a senior at Wells high school, he finished third in the Class B State XC meet a year ago.

Trust in your training

Hey everyone, my name is Griffin Allaire. I'm a senior at Wells High School, and I'll be writing for Milesplit this XC season. First, let me tell you a little bit about myself, especially since many of you may not have met me. I love hiking. I have been lucky enough to do some traveling around the country and have hiked in some really spectacular places. My favorite so far has been the Grand Canyon, which was unbelievable. There's nothing I can say that'll do it justice. I strongly recommend that you try to visit there at some point in your lifetime. I have three siblings. I also have two dogs, Mackinac and Ottawa. Their favorite thing to do is steal food off of our counter-top.

As we are either coming up on our first races of the season this week or have already had the first races, I'd like to share an insight that took me many years of running to understand and pick up on. I'm one of those kids who likes to get out fast and run from the front. This strategy can be good if you are running for time and need to push the pace of the race, but in the bigger races and championship races this strategy can backfire if your not careful. You need to have confidence and be able to trust your training. You don't always have to run hard from the start of every race. Having the confidence to stay back and wait for others to make the first move and expend their energy can be a better strategy in some races. Before I found this confidence and trust in my training I didn't always have the patience to be able to hang back and wait for the right time to go. Without that patience and confidence in yourself, it's very hard to run at your best.

Every race is different and you need to adapt your strategy within the race to find the best one to achieve your goals. Having patience and trust in your training and in yourself is essential to be able to run at your best. This is key in reaching a certain goal you've made for yourself whether it be a specific time or a place within a particular race. It will certainly help you in all of your races this season. If you don't reach that goal or time right away in these first few races, try to stay positive because being down on yourself won't help in anyway for reaching your goals.

Good luck to everybody this season and I'll talk to y'all again in two weeks.