All-Time Maine Boys Outdoor T & F 3200m Programs

We've been working to expand our vast results database this summer adding in several state championship meets dating back to 1994, and the plan is to continue throughout the summer.  While we don't have every team's top athletes of all time we wanted to take a look at the data we had to see what programs (schools) had the top performers in every track and field event outdoors.

We scored each team just like a cross-country meet, giving 1 point for the fastest time, and so on. A program's score is based on the top five performers in the event with the top 7 athletes acting as displacers.

Today we are going to take a look at the boy's 3200m. Below are the top five programs based on the results we currently have in the database. For the complete list of 96 teams visit the link below.

Falmouth has taken over the top spot as the top 3200m program in the state. The Yachtsmen have five athletes at 9:36.92 or faster. Brandon Bonsey leads the way with his 9:27.67, while Jeremiah Sands is right behind with his 9:28.62. Senior Logan Ross jumped up to fourth-best in Falmouth history this spring with his 9:34.46 effort. Falmouth has a 9:32.21 average for their scoring five and seven athletes at 9:41.61 or better.

The Dragons of Brunswick have surged to the second spot with 2021 graduate Tyler Patterson's 9:25.74 effort from this spring. Will Geoghegan tops the list for Brunswick with his 9:23.01 personal best. Brunswick averaged 9:31.57 for their scoring five.

Edward Little is the third-ranked 3200m program with five athletes running 9:40.95 or faster. Jeff Caron leads the way with a 9:30.07, while Lucas Bourget was right behind at 9:30.70. The Red Eddies averaged 9:34.61 for the scoring five while having seven athletes at 9:44.10 and faster.

The Eagles of Mt Ararat are the second-ranked program led by 2020 graduate Lisandro Berry-Gaviria's 9:16.51. Behind him, Andy Caron ran under 9:30 with his 9:28.09 personal best. Senior Grady Satterfield's 9:37.89 ranks as the third-best history for Mt. Ararat. The Eagles averaged 9:33.40 for their scoring five.

Rounding out the top five is Cheverus led by Ryan Fenton's 9:23.23 personal best. Right behind him, Jack Terwilliger clocked a 9:23.40 as the Stags averaged 9:35.22 for the scoring five. As we add older results expect the Stags to move up the ist.

COMPLETE LIST: Maine All-Time 3200m Programs

1Falmouth High School (ME)153
1) Brandon Bonsey9:27.6721
2) Jeremiah Sands9:28.6224
3) John Auer9:33.3632
4) Logan Ross9:34.4636
5) Jon Wilson9:36.9240
Average Time: 9:32.21 Total Time: 47:41.03 1-5 Split: 9.25
6) Ethan Shaw9:39.8055
7) Ben Greene9:41.6167
2Brunswick High School (ME)168
1) Will Geoghegan9:23.0114
2) Tyler Patterson9:25.7418
3) Liam Cassidy9:32.2830
4) Will Shaughnessy9:32.8031
5) Steven Moore9:44.0375
Average Time: 9:31.57 Total Time: 47:37.86 1-5 Split: 21.02
6) Benson Worthington10:05.41212
7) Joseph Valliere10:19.67300
3Edward Little High School (ME)193
1) Jeff Caron9:30.0727
2) Lucas Bourget9:30.7029
3) Ben Fletcher9:33.5233
4) Jacob Gamache9:37.8143
5) Joe Kuvaja9:40.9561
Average Time: 9:34.61 Total Time: 47:53.05 1-5 Split: 10.88
6) Faisal Noor9:41.3064
7) Hussein Mohamed9:44.1076
4Mt. Ararat High School (ME)210
1) Lisandro Berry-Gaviria9:16.518
2) Andy Caron9:28.0923
3) Grady Satterfield9:37.8944
4) Chris Lafferty9:40.3758
5) Cameron Meier9:44.1477
Average Time: 9:33.40 Total Time: 47:47.00 1-5 Split: 27.63
6) David Lantz9:46.4987
7) Sam Wood9:52.67127
5Cheverus High School (ME)251
1) Ryan Fenton9:23.2315
2) Jack Terwilliger9:23.4016
3) Ryan Demers9:39.6452
4) Taylor Dundas9:41.4966
5) Dermot Killian9:48.34102
Average Time: 9:35.22 Total Time: 47:56.10 1-5 Split: 25.11
6) Thomas Howard9:48.49105
7) Mark Page9:58.52165