Salute to Seniors: Brady Guay (South Portland HS)

When and how did you get into track and field?

I got into track and field in 2010 through Matt Green's 'Track Magic' program. The only reason I joined this program was because my parents forced me to do it. Come middle school and I had fallen in love with the sport because of my older brother who had at that point been running at SPHS for two years.

Who would you consider your biggest competition over your four years?

There's two big ones; My older Brother and Jacob Ramos. Right when I joined high school XC my first goal was to beat my brother PR 17:55, I finished my first season at 20:15. I kept with that mindset and eventually junior year I ran 17:42 and senior year a time trial at Gorham in 17:30. Some of you may read Jacob Ramos and say "he's much faster than you are" or "why is he comparing himself to him." Sure he's much faster than me in the 800 and 1600 and 3200 and 5K (pretty much every event over a 400) but for every single speed workout that we ran together junior and senior year we would be on each others shoulder either one stepping each other or running 5 seconds faster in every 300 rep assigned. Sorry about that one Kahill. This friendly competition in every single practice both pushed us to be better athletes and people as a whole.

What was your greatest accomplishment?

Achieving my high school career long goal of placing in an individual event at a state meet and not being carried by another 4x8 team. (thanks Jacob and Nic for that one). Senior year outdoor I squeaked into the top 7 of the long jump final with a 21-2.75 jump. Also winning Southwesterns indoor was very rewarding, felt like all the work we put in finally paid off.

How has track and field impacted your life?

It has taught me a lot about myself as a person and what it takes to be successful in something you love. Running has put me down, given me all time highs and been pretty dull at moments. Sure the lows suck, sure the dull moments are boring, but nothing beats the all time highs. Finishing a race in first, jumping the longest in a meet. Nothing feels better than success. This has translated into the classroom and into real life, it has taught me that you wont be the best right off the bat and you need to work for it in order to receive what you want.

What were the most difficult obstacles you had to overcome?

Injuries injuries injuries. I started my XC season off strong with a 17:46 performance at the Fleet Feet Classic, then proceeded to I think tore my hip flexor running 10x200. This lead to me biking all season and having some pretty average races. I then proceeded during indoor to do the same exact thing and only did long jump for three weeks which was not the best idea i've ever had. Finally during outdoor I had a final uninjured season and it was the most rewarding season.

How do you prepare for competitions?

I make myself get 8-10 hours of sleep and wake up from 7:30 to 8 depending on which day of school was next. I always started meet days with peanut butter toast and water, I only drink water on meet days. I then try to drown out the nerves with listening to music or making jokes with the team. When I sign in for a race I am locked in some of my competitors may see the opposite but Josh Sewell and Connor Langstaff I promise I was ready for that 200 at TA.

Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of track and field?

I would be lying if I didn't say running was my entire personality.

What influence has your coach had on your high school career?

He was a huge factor in my maturity levels growing from sophomore year to junior year, I think I did a record number of pushups sophomore year because I couldn't keep my mouth shut and when I could it wasn't always the most PG things. He taught me how to be patient with myself physically and taught me that even if you don't see improvement right away at some point it will come.

What are your college plans?

I plan on attending USM majoring in business analytics and running track and field.

What are your long term goals?

I eventually would love to be able to either work in a big city or on the west coast and be able to spend time with family whenever I found fitting.

Who would you like to say thank you to?

I would like to thank my older brother Jacob Guay for answering any questions I had about any subject, and also for writing my entire summer running plan sophomore year. I would like to thank my parents for funding my entire XC/T&F career and especially my dad for keeping me humble in the weight room. I would like to give my biggest thanks to my teammates most notable; Nic Borelli, Jacob Ramos, Kyle Hartford and Harrison Jones. These were the people I could go to in and out of practice no matter what the problem was they would do their best to help me. I have done countless long runs with Nic and run 750+ miles with Kyle and it means the world to me that they could stand my blabber mouth during these 8:30 pace 8 milers.

What advice you would give to younger athletes?

If you like the sport commit to it. Do not hesitate to ask people around you questions about training, even if they may be stupid in your head they are always worth asking. LIFT LIFT LIFT you will notice massive improvements in all events you run if you consistently lift.