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Erzsie’s Running Blog #2

Erzsebet Nagy is a senior at Lawrence HS in Fairfield. Nagy ran xc for the first time last fall & ran at a high level, finishing as the runner-up. Nagy continued her strong running during the outdoor track season that saw her break the Maine All-time record for 800m with a 2:13.50 clocking. Erzsebet enters the 2012 xc season as the individual favorite. Follow her this summer to see what she is doing to prepare & what she does to have fun.

    I have not run since Monday. Today is Thursday. I am dying. But triathlon training and cross-country training are very different. The irrational guilt that I get from not running is difficult to withstand, but if I were to only run before the Tri For A Cure on July 29th, I would find myself doggy paddling the 1/3-mile ocean swim, clomping down on pedals during the 17-mile bike, and barely jogging the 5K run. I know that I can finish the diverse race, but I also know that in order to do so, I cannot solely run for my training.

    Last summer, I did the triathlon for the first time. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Being all women, the race was so empowering and moving. The Tri For A Cure raises money for cancer research, and my best friend’s mother passed away from breast cancer, so this cause is very close to my heart. I decided to combine my passions for fitness, cancer research, and baking by making cakes on commission to raise the minimum of $350 to participate in the race. I have spent hours in the kitchen creating lemon-raspberry cakes, Oreo cupcakes, and a decorative octopus cake so far.

    Besides rolling out fondant, how does one train for a triathlon? Good question! To start, I biked 12 miles on Sunday, along with strength training (I am still sore from that today!). Last year, my toughest was a lethal 20-mile ride, full of hills, to the boat launch on Lake St. George. Even though I remember nearly having to walk up the last big hill, I will probably bike that route again this year. Plus, the enormous brownie sundae at Jon’s Ice Cream makes the thigh-burning voyage all worth it!

 This year my biggest challenge so far has been the long swim back from our island camp while my friends paddled the canoe next to me (somewhat). Like so many things, this open water swim seemed much shorter in my mind beforehand than it was in reality. Last year I did not respect the swim enough and got a cold dose of reality when I realized that 1/3 of a mile in the ocean is a lot tougher than the same distance in the pool. No lane lines either!

Maybe if I’m feeling really ambitious, I will repeat that ride to the lake and then swim to the island; as long as I can stop for that sundae along the way!


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