Who is the Class A Favorite This Spring?

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Class A Boys

Defending Class A champions Scarborough have the most returning points from 2017 seasonal bests. The Red Storm are led by sophomore standout Jarett Flaker who is seeded for first in 4 different events. The Rams of Deering come in seeded for 59.4, with Thornton Academy seeded at 54. The Dragons of Brunswick sit in the fourth spot with 43.5, while Oxford Hills rounds out the top 5 with 38.5 points.

Team Scores

1Scarborough High School74.53
2Deering High School59.4
3Thornton Academy54
4Brunswick High School43.5
5Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School38.5
6Edward Little High School30
7Westbrook High School28.5
8Lewiston High School26.7
9Falmouth High School26.2
10Windham High School24
11Cheverus High School15.5
12Biddeford High School15
12Hampden Academy15
14Gorham High School14
15Bangor High School12
15Massabesic High School12
17Portland High School10
18Bonny Eagle High School8
18Mt. Ararat High School8
20Skowhegan Area High School7.33
21Sanford High School6.33
22Noble High School6
22South Portland High School6
24Marshwood High School3.5

100 Meter Dash

1Jarett Flaker2020Scarborough High School11.02 10
2Dawson Stevens2018Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School11.31 8
3Sean Tompkins2020Cheverus High School11.33 6
4Ben Hatch2020Scarborough High School11.41 4
5Songha Loth2019Deering High School11.44 3
6Enock Citenga2019Lewiston High School11.49 1.5
6Jon Bell2018Skowhegan Area High School11.49 1.5
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200 Meter Dash

1Jarett Flaker2020Scarborough High School22.49 10
2Alex Wilkins2018Windham High School23.25 8
3Dawson Stevens2018Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School23.32 6
4Luke Gowen2018Gorham High School23.43 4
5Ben Sivik2019South Portland High School23.44 3
6Ben Hatch2020Scarborough High School23.52 2
7Jon Bell2018Skowhegan Area High School23.56 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Jarett Flaker2020Scarborough High School49.49 10
2Douglas Cooke2019Falmouth High School52.06 8
3Owen Burke2019Cheverus High School52.37 6
4Derek Cole2018Bonny Eagle High School52.75 4
5Michael Underwood2018Thornton Academy52.97 3
6Tyler Bernier2019Mt. Ararat High School53.08 2
7Mahamed Sharif2020Westbrook High School53.10 0.5
7Sean Tompkins2020Cheverus High School53.10 0.5
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800 Meter Run

1Wyatt Lord2019Hampden Academy1:58.26 10
2Alec Troxell2019Deering High School2:01.88 8
3Abbas Muktar2018Lewiston High School2:03.42 6
4Landon Heidrich2019Thornton Academy2:03.61 4
5Nick Lillis2018Marshwood High School2:06.33 3
6Charlie Piper2018Scarborough High School2:07.24 2
7Erik Larkin2018Scarborough High School2:07.44 1
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1600 Meter Run

1Gabe Coffey2019Bangor High School4:29.48 10
2John Auer2019Falmouth High School4:30.12 8
3Alexander Swett2018Massabesic High School4:31.48 6
4Wyatt Lord2019Hampden Academy4:33.45 4
5Alec Troxell2019Deering High School4:36.04 3
6Yahya Nure2018Deering High School4:37.85 2
7Brian Farino2019Scarborough High School4:38.57 1
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3200 Meter Run

1Yahya Nure2018Deering High School9:40.86 10
2Connor Coffin2020Scarborough High School9:58.22 8
3Conner Piers2018Falmouth High School10:02.03 6
4Alec Troxell2019Deering High School10:02.19 4
5Alexander Swett2018Massabesic High School10:04.94 3
6Gabe Coffey2019Bangor High School10:06.52 2
7John Auer2019Falmouth High School10:07.29 1
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110 Meter Hurdles

1Jarett Flaker2020Scarborough High School14.91 10
2Dominic Creenan2018Westbrook High School15.36 8
3Travis Snyder2019Thornton Academy15.84 6
4Cameron Holloway2019Westbrook High School16.19 4
5Anthony Clavette2019Scarborough High School16.54 3
6Scott Berry2018Biddeford High School16.58 2
7Connor Jackson2018Edward Little High School16.86 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Hunter Parker2019Brunswick High School41.72 10
2Connor Jackson2018Edward Little High School42.00 8
3Travis Snyder2019Thornton Academy43.25 6
4Jack Delprete2018Biddeford High School43.33 4
5Aiden Galbraith2018Massabesic High School44.26 3
6Abbas Muktar2018Lewiston High School45.12 2
7Mohamed Abdurahman2019Deering High School45.20 1
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Triple Jump

1Alex Wilkins2018Windham High School44-0 10
2Silas Gordon2019Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School41-9 8
3Dominic Creenan2018Westbrook High School41-6 6
4Alex Hastings2018Noble High School41-4.5 4
5Dalton Streeter2018Mt. Ararat High School41-4 3
6Connor Jackson2018Edward Little High School40-10 2
7Crispin Kamandula2019Lewiston High School40-9 1
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Long Jump

1Dominic Creenan2018Westbrook High School21-11 10
2Longhao Chen2018Thornton Academy21-9.25 8
3Alex Wilkins2018Windham High School21-1.25 6
4Silas Gordon2019Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School20-10 4
5Dalton Streeter2018Mt. Ararat High School20-8.75 3
6Ben Hatch2020Scarborough High School19-9 2
7Kyle Jacques2018Skowhegan Area High School19-7 0.5
7Linus Manchester2019Marshwood High School19-7 0.5
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High Jump

1Ryan Olson2018Brunswick High School6-0 9
1Samuel Cenescar2020Brunswick High School6-0 9
3Anthony Clavette2019Scarborough High School5-10 3.2
3Douglas Cooke2019Falmouth High School5-10 3.2
3Emmanuel Lam2018Deering High School5-10 3.2
3Loki Anda2020Deering High School5-10 3.2
3Tshimanga(dido) Lumu2019Lewiston High School5-10 3.2
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Pole Vault

1Travis Snyder2019Thornton Academy15-6 10
2Alex Thompson2018Edward Little High School13-0 8
3Brendan Tremblay2018Sanford High School12-6 4.333
3Clayton Miller2018Skowhegan Area High School12-6 4.333
3Drew Gardner2018Scarborough High School12-6 4.333
6Ryan Olson2018Brunswick High School12-0 1.5
6Silas Gordon2019Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School12-0 1.5
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1Dawson Stevens2018Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School177-1 10
2Josh Paisley2019Deering High School152-7 8
3Zachary Boyle2018Brunswick High School151-3 6
4Connor Kaplinger2018Lewiston High School150-10 4
5Christian Gilliam2018Cheverus High School149-3 3
6Aryz Terlaje2018Deering High School148-8 2
7Talon Medeiros2018Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School148-5 1
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Shot Put

1Jason Montano2019Thornton Academy53-9.75 10
2Sullivan Boyd2018Brunswick High School45-5.25 8
3Kabala Muka2018Deering High School45-2.75 6
4Connor Oliver2019Scarborough High School44-5.75 4
5Cody Agro2019Thornton Academy41-5 3
6Cameron Wilson2018Noble High School41-0 2
7Cody Saucier2019Biddeford High School40-5.75 1
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1Keller Nicolai2018Portland High School150-10 10
2Cody Saucier2019Biddeford High School137-8 8
3Kabala Muka2018Deering High School135-6 6
4Jason Montano2019Thornton Academy122-9 4
5Connor Kaplinger2018Lewiston High School113-9 3
6Michael Lunny2018Sanford High School113-6 2
7Curtis Ouellette2018Edward Little High School111-11 1
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1600 Meter Race Walk

1Matt Syphers2019Edward Little High School7:12.09 10
2Carlos Monsen2018Gorham High School7:51.00 8
3Nicholas Roy2019Lewiston High School7:51.44 6
4Nick Pruner2018Bonny Eagle High School8:24.15 4
5Clifford Robbins-sennewald2019South Portland High School8:29.03 3
6Dylan Lamont2019Gorham High School8:34.81 2
7Parker Harriman2019Hampden Academy8:47.11 1
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