Mt. Blue Relays 2016

Farmington, ME

Meet Information

Mt. Blue Invitational Relays

1. Each athlete should be given a number 1, 2, 3, 4 or race bib (5) to pin on the front of
their singlet. This number represents the leg of the relay they will be participating
in. Athletes that are competing in more then one leg will need to change numbers to
make sure that the currently worn number corresponds to the leg that they are
running. Athletes may only run on one SCORING team. Please note: I suggest
that the athletes pin these numbers on (as opposed to sticking them on their
singlets). This makes for easier washing.

2. The #5 runners from each team are the ONLY ones who will wear the race number
with the tear off tag. On this tag, please include school name, sex and A, B, Cor
Non-scoring. These athletes need to wear a race number to indicate to the official
timers that they are responsible for this time.
(Pink circle=GIRLS TEAM, Blue circle=BOYS TEAM, Purple circle=NON

3. Every number 1 runner (regardless of scoring or non-scoring, boys or girls)
will start at 4:00pm.

4. The boys and girls will use the same starting line, and the SAME finish chute. The
lanes have been drawn and the A Teams will toe the line in their designated areas
(B , Cand Non-scoring Teams will stand behind these athletes).

5. ONLY the #5 runners will advance all the way to the scoring table. These
runners will have their name tags removed and recorded. Please make sure that
your NON-SCORING #5 runners also go through the chute to receive a time! All
other runners will exit in the designated area. Please avoid confusion at the
exchange zones and exit quickly! Runners 1-4 DO NOT ENTER THE CHUTE.

6. Coaches: when taking your individual athletes splits, please use the
start/finish line as the end of that leg and the start of the next. Do not end the
leg when the athletes make their exchange (unless it is on this line). Make sure
that the outgoing runner has passed the start/finish line when you take that

7. Each #5 runner will be given a popsicle stick to indicate the teams overall place (for
this purpose, the boys and girls teams will be scored together and separated
afterwards). This will serve as a back-up. Coaches: please return these to the
scoring table after the race.

8. Be sure to indicate which teams are Non-scoring when completing the Individual
Team Times sheet. Upon completion, return to the scorers table. Reminder
please indicate the grade in school and time for each athlete, if you want them
to be considered for the fastest times.

9. It has been asked that any team who plans on running an A runner more than once
(example: on a non-scoring team), inform the other teams at the coaches meeting.

10. WARNING: Poison Ivy is present near the start and finish areas and on the
trails to the road!

11. There will be a Spaghetti Dinner after the competition of the Relays in the Mt.
Blue High School Food Court. This dinner is available to athletes and their
families for a nominal fee of $5.00 per person.

12. The Awards ceremony will be approximately 45 minutes after the conclusion of the
Relays and will be held in the Food Court.

13. Course Records: Girls Mt. Ararat 10 68:23.1
Boys Bangor 13
Individual Records: Girls Anne Guadalupi (Cony) 14 12:34.0
Boys Aaron Willingham (Mt. Blue) 13 10:32.0

14. We will also have a coaches relay if there is enough interest! Please make sure
that if you are interested in participating in this, you are still able to provide
us with the individual times of your athletes. Otherwise, we will not be able to
consider them for the fastest times of the day awards.