Meet Information

SMAA Outdoor Track & Field Championship

10:00 Field Events

Boys Long Jump , Girls Long Jump, Girls High Jump, Boys Pole Vault

Girls Shot Put, Boys Javelin, Boys Javelin

30 minutes after the conclusion of the above events, the following will begin:

Boys Triple Jump, Boys High Jump, Girls Pole Vault, Boys Shot Put,

Girls Triple Jump, Girls Javelin, Girls Discus

10:15 Running Events

Girls 4x800m Relay Boys 4x800m Relay

Girls 100m hurdles trials Boys 110m hurdles trials

Girls 100m dash trials Boys 100m dash trials

Girls 200 m dash (5 unseeded) Boys 200m dash (4 unseeded)

Girls 400m dash (4 unseeded) Boys 400m dash (4 unseeded)

Girls 800m run (2 unseeded) Boys 800m run (2 unseeded)

Girls 1600m run (2 unseeded) Boys 1600m run (2 unseeded)

Boys 3200m run (1 unseeded section)

Presentation of four individual awards

Finals to be continued 15 minutes after the conclusion of the Boys 3200 run

Girls 1600m Race walk final Boys 1600m Race walk final

Girls 100m high hurdles final Boys 110m high hurdles final

Girls 100m dash final Boys 100m dash final

Girls 1600m final Boys 1600m final

Girls 4x100m relay (3 sections) Boys 4x100m relay (3 sections)

Girls 400m dash (2 sections) Boys 400m dash (2 sections)

Girls 300m low hurdles (4 sections) Boys 300m intermediate hurdles(4 sections)

Girls 800m run (2 sections) Boys 800m run (2 sections)

Girls 200m dash (3 sections) Boys 200m dash (3 sections)

Girls 3200m final Boys 3200m final

Girls 4x400m relay (3 sections) Boys 4x400m relay (3 sections)

Scores and Team Awards

All afternoon sections will include only those individuals who have reached at least the provisional standards, with the exception of the hurdles.