In his own words: Daniel Guiliani - Battling Injuries

Hey everyone,

  Yesterday marked the beginning of action for another season. I saw a lot of great things from people on my team, and people around the league. I had a teammate and friend (Football teammate also) jump 40-0.5 in the triple jump for his first time ever doing it. It was nice to see the excitement on everyone's face and his face especially when it happened, as we knew Finn was a gifted athlete going in, but we didn't know how long it would take for him to jump state leading marks. I'm excited to see what he can do as this is only the first meet, and if he sticks with it..who knows what the he could accomplish. Others on the team did very well also, younger guys doing events they've never done before, and others posting fantastic times for the first week of the season, it's very exciting. We took second to a very good TA team but I'm proud of the guys.

For me personally, things aren't going very great at the moment. I've had a very good pre-season, throwing far, lifting heavy, eating healthy, preparing for a huge senior season, and unfortunately, my elbow on my throwing arm is in excruciating pain. The past few weeks I felt slight pain in my elbow and I was just training through it and shrugging it off hoping it'll just go away, but its just turned into a more serious situation.You see, My mindset going into meets ever since my foul out at states (Mainly an Idea Coach Kahill and I made up in outdoor) is to throw the first throw of the competition with a conservative throw (about a 60-70% throw with not a lot of follow through or effort to assure staying in the ring). So I never changed the game plan, I took my first throw, and threw 56-6 and secured the win, so I decided to let the last 3 throws rip, and go for it. On my second throw, My foot work looked great, my speed was tremendous, but the release was very off, and my arm was in a large amount of pain during the throw. My arm didn't feel right the rest of the competition. I had a lot of adrenaline running through me during the meet, so it wasn't affecting me right away, but later on my arm was killing me. I have a full range of motion, but it's not fun to do so. Basically, I threw 58-6.75 with an injured arm, 

  I have to be smart about this and not rush it. I want to get back to throwing, and I want to compete but I need to think long term about this. I want to make sure my arm is 100 percent back to normal before I start throwing again, I want to come back healed not partially healed. I throw very well when I'm healthy but there's no point in trying to be the same competitor with out the ability to throw my best. My biggest concern is throwing to soon and getting back into and permanently hurting it or making it worse and me not being able to throw anymore, and that would be a shame, and I won't put my college career and future on the line for this short period of my life in indoor, senior year in high school. It's not the end of the world, I'm going to work my form, rest my arm, and work to be back for later in the season. I won't lie what so ever, I'm very crushed by this situation and It's unfortunate, but In life we deal with adversity, and it's up to us to get back up and go at it again. I'm going to come back from this and throw farther than ever, I guarantee it.

Hope everyone had a great first week of competing and keep working hard

-Daniel Guiliani