State Champion spotlight: Nina Tasker Noble HS

State Champion spotlight: Nina Tasker Noble HS

Noble sophomore Nina Tasker dominated the 55m hurdles at the Class A state meet as she clocked a new personal best 8.66 to win. Tasker also recorded a long jump pr of 16-2 1/4 to place 6th. We caught up with her to ask about her preparations, her goals, and what she worked on to improve this winter.

What were your preparations leading up to the state meet?

My preparations leading up to states included a lot of hurdle drills and endless block starts. I constantly was trying to fix the smallest things to make myself better.

How did you deal with the pressure and emotions that come along with competing in a state meet?

My main goal was to stay focused. At times the pressure was getting to me but I still concentrated on what I had to do to achieve it.

You entered the state meet as the favorite to win the title, and you dominated the the field winning by a large margin. What did it mean to win the title, and set a huge personal best in the process?

To win the state title I had to not only be physically ready, but mentally ready. Winning the title means so much to me because coming into high school track I did not expect to be achieving this much in such little time.

Coming into the season what were your goals and did you achieve them?

At the beginning of the season my goal was to improve on how I was the year before. I worked very hard to get up to that because I was willing to push to the limit.

You have proved to the dominant hurdler in Class A over the last year winning the outdoor 100m title last spring, and the indoor title this season. What do your attribute your success too? And what is the one thing your worked to improve on this winter?

My coaches are a big part of why I stand state champion. My family also helped by supporting me. I work to become a better athlete because there is always something to work on.

Tasker's 55m Hurdle Progression


2015-16 Results

16-2.25IndoorLJClass A Indoor State Championship6thFinals>
7.77Indoor55mClass A Indoor State Championship9thPrelims>
8.66Indoor55HClass A Indoor State Championship1stFinals>
8.92Indoor55HClass A Indoor State Championship1stPrelims>
15-1.25IndoorLJSMAA Southwesterns Championships2ndFinals>
7.77Indoor55mSMAA Southwesterns Championships3rdFinals>
7.90Indoor55mSMAA Southwesterns Championships4thPrelims>
8.84Indoor55HSMAA Southwesterns Championships1stFinals>
8.94Indoor55HSMAA Southwesterns Championships1stPrelims>
14-10.25IndoorLJSMAA: Gorham - Noble - South Portland - Biddeford1stFinals>
7.78Indoor55mSMAA: Gorham - Noble - South Portland - Biddeford1stFinals>
8.88Indoor55HSMAA: Gorham - Noble - South Portland - Biddeford1stFinals>
15-3IndoorLJSMAA:Noble - Marshwood - Cheverus - Windham-TA1stFinals>
7.77Indoor55mSMAA:Noble - Marshwood - Cheverus - Windham-TA1stFinals>
8.88Indoor55HSMAA:Noble - Marshwood - Cheverus - Windham-TA1stFinals>
14-8IndoorLJSMAA:Noble - Bonny Eagle - Westbrook - McAuley1stFinals>
7.76Indoor55mSMAA:Noble - Bonny Eagle - Westbrook - McAuley1stFinals>
9.02Indoor55HSMAA:Noble - Bonny Eagle - Westbrook - McAuley1stFinals>
8.99Indoor55HUSM Relays1stFinals>
9.06Indoor55HUSM Relays1stPrelims>
4-8IndoorHJSMAA: Noble -TA - Massabesic - Deering1stFinals>
13-10IndoorLJSMAA: Noble -TA - Massabesic - Deering2ndFinals>
9.09Indoor55HSMAA: Noble -TA - Massabesic - Deering1stFinals>
4-4IndoorHJSMAA: Noble - Portland - Scarborough2ndFinals>
14-10.25IndoorLJSMAA: Noble - Portland - Scarborough1stFinals>
9.11Indoor55HSMAA: Noble - Portland - Scarborough1stFinals>