State Champion Spotlight: Paul Casavant (Hampden Academy)


State Champion spotlight: Paul Casavant (Hampden Academy)

What were your preparations leading up to the state meet?

Leading up to the state meet I was just starting my taper, so I cut back mileage a bit. I also added in short speed to sharpen up a little. 

How did you deal with the pressure and emotions that come along with competing in a state meet?

I love competing, especially when I get to run against the guys from other conferences, so I wasn't feeling much nerves at all. 

You dominated the 2 mile at the Class A state meet for the second year in a row. Did you run as fast as you had hoped?

   I was a bit nervous about Cam and his killer kick, but I was mostly just looking forward to running with a different group in a different place. I did run as fast as I was hoping for that meet and I just barely qualified for the 5k at nationals. Unfortunately, the 5k was full when I signed up, so I ended up running the 2 mile, but I was still pleased with my time.

How do you push yourself when you are all alone?

When I'm running alone I usually tell myself to stay focused each lap. In the middle laps its easy to lose focus and drop pace subconsciously, so I always try to stay aware of my pace, especially in the third 800.

Coming into the season what were your goals and did you achieve them?

I was hoping to run the 5k at nationals and set another pr in the 2 mile. I kind of missed both goals, but it was nice to be back competing at a high level. 

Looking ahead to outdoors, what race do you think you'll focus on?

 2 mile/3200 is definitely still my favorite, but I still would like to try the 5k and I definitely want to lower my pr in the 1600.

Casavant's 2 Mile Progression


2016-17 Indoor Performances

9:27.42Indoor2MileNew Balance Nationals Indoor10thFinals>
9:31.88Indoor2MileNew England Indoor Track & Field Championships12thFinals>
9:28.24Indoor2MileClass A Indoor State Championship1stFinals>
4:31.81IndoorMileEMITL Championship1stFinals>
9:52.33Indoor2MileEMITL Championship1stFinals>
9:37.75Indoor2MilePVC:BAN, BRW, CEN, HAM, HER, JB, OT, ORO1stFinals>
4:31.52IndoorMilePVC:BAN, BUC, CEN, FOX, GSA, HAM, JB, OT1stFinals>
2:04.31Indoor800mPVC: BAN, BUC, CEN, FOX, HAM, JB, MDI, ORO1stFinals>
4:37.05IndoorMilePVC: BAN, BUC, CEN, FOX, HAM, JB, MDI, ORO1stFinals>
4:29.65IndoorMilePVC: BAN, BRW, HAM, OT, ORO1stFinals>
9:49.11Indoor2MilePVC: BAN, BRW, HAM, OT, ORO1stFinals>
4:31.62IndoorMilePVC: Hampden, Central, Ellsworth, GSA, John Bapst, Matt, MDI1stFinals>
9:56.51Indoor2MilePVC: Hampden, Central, Ellsworth, GSA, John Bapst, Matt, MDI1stFinals>