State Champion Spotlight: Travis Snyder (Thornton Academy)

State Champion Spotlight: Travis Snyder (Thornton Academy)

What were your preparations leading up to the state meet?

I was focusing on staying healthy mostly. I was always sick and was battling my shins.

What was one thing that you focused on this winter that made a difference in your performance?

One thing I focused on in the winter was using my bottom arm more effectively to get on bigger poles.

You jumped over 16ft this season to join an elite group of two others who have done it indoors, what does it mean to you to be amongst the best vaulters in state history?

  It's a special feeling when you clear such a height for the first time and it shows that all the work you do pays off.

You didn't start vaulting at the state meet until everyone else was done, how did you stay focused when it was only you left?

I try not to socialize with anyone but the competitors. Anyone outside of the competition can be very distracting and don't understand what is happening. I stay calm and think about what I need to do.

Coming into the season what were your goals and did you achieve them?

The ultimate goal was to jump 16 feet. I wasn't thinking of any titles or results, just on the steps and my ultimate goal.

What have your coaches meant to your success?

My coaches create an environment that makes me want to be at practices and meets and motivates me to work. They are always on top of me at meets because I'm all over doing everything and it's hard to manage that alone. That takes a lot off of my shoulders and lets me focus.

Snyder's Pole Vault Progression


2017-18 Performances

8.29Indoor55HNew England Indoor Championships20thPrelims>
13-11.25IndoorPVUSATF Maine Indoor Championship1stFinals>
7.81Indoor60mUSATF Maine Indoor Championship4thFinals>
14-6IndoorPVClass A Indoor State Championship1stFinals>
8.06Indoor55HClass A Indoor State Championship2ndFinals>
8.08Indoor55HClass A Indoor State Championship2ndPrelims>
15-6IndoorPVSMAA Southwesterns Championships1stFinals>
39-3.25IndoorTJSMAA Southwesterns Championships5thFinals>
8.10Indoor55HSMAA Southwesterns Championships2ndFinals>
8.43Indoor55HSMAA Southwesterns Championships3rdPrelims>
5-4IndoorHJSMAA:Biddeford-Bonny Eagle-Gorham-Thornton1stFinals>
15-6IndoorPVSMAA:Biddeford-Bonny Eagle-Gorham-Thornton1stFinals>
8.17Indoor55HSMAA:Biddeford-Bonny Eagle-Gorham-Thornton1stFinals>
14-4IndoorPVNational Pole Vault Summit8thFinals>
14-0IndoorPVSMAA: Cheverus-Falmouth-Noble-Thornton1stFinals>
39-1IndoorTJSMAA: Cheverus-Falmouth-Noble-Thornton1stFinals>
8.25Indoor55HSMAA: Cheverus-Falmouth-Noble-Thornton1stFinals>
15-0IndoorPVDartmouth Relays1stFinals>
5-5.75IndoorHJUSM Relays2ndFinals>
18-5.25IndoorLJUSM Relays2ndFinals>
15-1IndoorPVUSM Relays1stFinals>
34-0.25IndoorSUSM Relays1stFinals>
2,790IndoorPentUSM Relays1stFinals>
8.35Indoor55HUSM Relays1stFinals>
3:18.29Indoor1000mUSM Relays1stFinals>
5-6IndoorHJSMAA: Massabesic-South Portland-Thornton-Westbrook1stFinals>
14-6IndoorPVSMAA: Massabesic-South Portland-Thornton-Westbrook1stFinals>
8.30Indoor55HSMAA: Massabesic-South Portland-Thornton-Westbrook2ndFinals>