State Champion Spotlight: Lisandro Berry-Gaviria (Mt Ararat)

State Champion Spotlight: Lisandro Berry-Gaviria (Mt Ararat)

What were your preparations leading up to the state meet?

My preparation before states was mostly just mental. I tried to really focus and get past the self doubt that I had about running the mile. I knew my team needed 20 points out of me, so that really helped motivate me.

You missed the entire 2017 track season because of injury, how did you ensure you stayed healthy this winter?

I've taken a different mental approach to my training this year which I think has helped keep me healthy. I realized I don't have to give 100% in every workout I do, it's better for me to just hit the times that I'm given and not try to do too much. Also just listening to what my body tells me and stretching every day is really important.

You won both the mile & 2 mile at the state meet. In the mile you made a decisive move 600m out, was that your race plan? 

Yeah, my plan was to hopefully let someone else take the pace out and then make a hard move in the third 400, because I knew I'd have to gap Wyatt before the finish. So the race actually played out perfectly for me. It really meant a lot to me to win the double because I didn't think I could do it going into the season.

Coming into the season what were your goals and did you achieve them?

My main goals at the start of the season were to run a 4:25 mile, 9:35 2 mile and win states in the 2 mile. I achieved all of those goals but looking back on the season, I actually feel like I could've run a lot faster in both of those events. So that leaves me feeling pretty disappointed.

If there was one event you haven't done that you would like to try what would it be?

XC is my thing, so I'd really like to try an indoor 5k.

What have your coaches meant to your success?

Honestly I'll never be able to thank my coaches enough for what they do for me, not only do they get me into the best possible physical shape and put up with me being selfish sometimes, but above all they show me how to truly love this sport and just be a better person every day. They are all so passionate about what they do, they put everything they have into coaching, and I'm so thankful for that.

2017-18 Performances

4:24.23IndoorMileNew England Indoor Championships6thFinals>
4:22.72IndoorMileClass A Indoor State Championship1stFinals>
9:58.80Indoor2MileClass A Indoor State Championship1stFinals>
2:01.62Indoor800mKVAC Championship2ndFinals>
4:40.12IndoorMileKVAC Championship1stFinals>
10:01.69Indoor2MileKVAC Championship1stFinals>
2:05.93Indoor800mKVAC: Bwick, Mt. A, Win, WTVL Lew, Nok, MCI, Lincoln Academy1stFinals>
4:30.00IndoorMileKVAC: Bwick, Mt. A, Win, WTVL Lew, Nok, MCI, Lincoln Academy1stFinals>
4:20.83Indoor1500mNew Balance Games23rdFinals>
4:37.42IndoorMileNew Balance Games22ndFinals>
9:04.60Indoor3000mNew Balance Games1stFinals>
9:33.13Indoor3200mNew Balance Games1stFinals>
9:35.95Indoor2MileNew Balance Games1stFinals>
9:55.25Indoor2MileKVAC: Bel, Ersk Acad, EL, Ocean, Mt. A, Mess, Skow, Winslow1stFinals>
2:04.93Indoor800mKVAC:Bel, Linc Acad, Ocean, Bwick, EL, Lew, Mt. A, Mess1stFinals>
4:55.74IndoorMileKVAC:Bel, Linc Acad, Ocean, Bwick, EL, Lew, Mt. A, Mess1stFinals>
10:08.90Indoor2MileKVAC:Bel, Linc Acad, Ocean, Bwick, EL, Lew, Mt. A, Mess1stFinals>
10:12.70Indoor2MileKVAC: Bel, Erskine, EL, Oceanside, Mt. Ar, Mess, Skow, Win1stFinals>