All-Time Maine Boys 400m Programs

All-Time 400m Programs

We've been working to expand our vast results database this summer adding in several state championship meets dating back to 1995, and the plan is to continue throughout the summer.  While we don't have every team's top athletes of all-time we wanted to take a look at the data we had to see what programs (schools) had the top performers in every track and field event outdoors.

We scored each team just like a cross-country meet, giving 1 point for the fastest time, and so on. A program's score is based on the top five performers in the event with the top 7 athletes acting as displacers.

Today we are going to take a look at the boy's 400m. Below are the top five programs based on the results we currently have in the database. For the complete list of 95 teams visit the link below.

Cheverus is the top-ranked 400m program of all-time with three athletes under fifty seconds. Jake Dixon who is number two all-time leads the way with his 48.45 effort. Behind him, 2020 graduate Sean Tompkins ranks second while Jimmy Campbell 49.93 is third-ranked for the Stags. Cheverus averaged 50.04 for their scoring five.

The Dragons of Brunswick are the second-ranked program with Alex Nichols's 48.58 personal best. Keenan Welzel also broke fifty seconds with his 49.86 effort. The Dragons averaged 50.22 for their scoring five.

Lewiston ranks third as a program in the 400m. Current pro Isaiah Harris is the top quarter-miler with his 49.60 personal best. Behind him, three others have run 50.65 or better. The Blue Devils averaged 50.50 for their scoring five.

The Trojans of Mt Desert Island are next with Lincoln Mills's 50.34 best leading the way. MDI has four others that have run 51.08 or better, and are the fastest Class B team.

Rounding out the top five teams is Sanford. Charlie Tarbox's  49.71 is the top Spartan. Daniel Webb ranks second with his 49.93. The Spartans averaged 50.57 for their scoring five.

1Cheverus High School(ME)235
1)Jake Dixon48.452
2)Sean Tompkins49.7012
3)Jimmy Campbell49.9326
4)Owen Burke50.9484
5)Ryan Toothaker51.19111
Average Time: 50.04Total Time: 4:10.211-5 Split: 2.74
6)Tim Woods51.31122
7)Kyle Milliken51.53151
2Brunswick High School(ME)274
1)Alex Nichols48.583
2)Keenan Welzel49.8620
3)Kenny Bettis50.3437
4)Mitchell Lienert51.11102
5)Christopher Tanner51.20112
Average Time: 50.22Total Time: 4:11.091-5 Split: 2.62
6)John McGuire51.50147
7)Kyle Bucklin51.70173
3Lewiston High School(ME)289
1)Isaiah Harris49.6010
2)Noor Shidad50.4042
3)Ethan Solis50.4345
4)Kurt Thibeault50.6559
5)Daud Idow51.41133
Average Time: 50.50Total Time: 4:12.491-5 Split: 1.81
6)Rob Dion51.43136
7)Garane Saban51.60161
4Mt. Desert Island High School(ME)327
1)Lincoln Mills50.3438
2)Ralph Magnani50.5049
3)Griffin Maristany50.6561
4)Ryan Bender50.8779
5)Owen Mild51.08100
Average Time: 50.69Total Time: 4:13.441-5 Split: 0.74
6)Noah Hutchinson51.87199
7)Brandon Murphy53.21349
5Sanford High School(ME)335
1)Charles Tarbox49.7115
2)Daniel Webb49.9325
3)Phil Lenhardt51.0595
4)Jimmy Chassion51.0596
5)Chris Leigh51.12104
Average Time: 50.57Total Time: 4:12.861-5 Split: 1.41
6)Greg Givens51.94203
7)Nate Guthro52.27240