Western Maine: Class A Girls 2010 XC Preview

 2010 Class A Girls XC Preview


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Class A Girls Western Maine


Last fall the Cheverus Lady Stags dominated the girls XC season, winning Western Maine and Class A State titles. The state title was the first title in school history for the Lady Stags in any sport.  The Stags figure to be the team to beat once again this fall, as they return 5 of their top 7.  Look for the Red Storm of Scarborough to mount a challenge, and 2009 runner-up Massabesic who has another strong team to be in the hunt again. Other teams that should be top notch are the South Portland Red Riots and the Windham Eagles.

   Bouyed by the best 1-2 runners in the state Cheverus has all the makings of a repeat in 2010. The Stags are led by Footlocker finalist Emily Durgin who won the regional title in 2009 and fellow junior Fiona Hendry (4th in 2009). Also back from the regional champion team for the Lady Stags is junior Maddie Woods (21st in 2009), sophomore Greta Niedermeyer, & senior Caroline Summa (52nd in 2009). The Stags should also get a boost from freshman Shannon Conley, who attended Memorial Middle school in South Portland, Conley was one of the top middle school distance runners in southern maine last year.

    The Red Storm of Scarborough were 5th last fall in the Western Maine regional, they return a strong squad with hopes of improvement from 2009. Scarborough returns 4 of their top 7. Leading the way for the Red Storm will be seniors Abby Chick (23rd in 2009  pictured right) & Sarah Dugas (30th in 2009). Chick has plenty of experience while Dugas had a strong outdoor track season. Rounding out the top 5 returners are sophomore Marissa O'Toole, who missed the regional last fall but came back with a 42nd place finish at the state meet.; senior Emily O'Connor (40th in 2009) & sophomore Jesscia Cote (55th in 2009). Scarborough come receive a boost from a couple of newcomers Kat Gadbois, who ran well in the 800m indoors and Andrea Tolman, a soccer convert should make an immediate impact.

 Last year's Western Maine and State runner-ups Massabesic is back again with a strong squad looking to make another run at a title. The Mustangs return 5 of their top 7, and will gain back the services of Mikayla Frazier who was injured the entire xc season in 2009, Frazier was a top 5 runner for Massabesic during the 2008 season.  At the front of pack for Massabesic will be senior Victoria Hurlburt (8th in 2009 pictured left) & sophomore Charlotte Pierce (13th in 2009).  Hurlburt had a strong spring with a 3200m best of 12:09:31 while Pierce really excelled finishing 6th at the state meet in the 3200m, her best time on the season was a 11:40.92. The Mustangs have some depth as well with Nikki Smith (24th in 2009, Marjorie Lee (33rd in 2009) & Lauren Pierce (47th as 2009). 

  Rounding out the top 5 teams in South Portland, who was 7th in 2009, they will be led by sophomore Nyajock Pan, who missed the regional meet a year ago but went on to finish 14th in the state meet. While the Windham Eagles who were 6th a year ago, have a strong core returning led by a strong 1-2 of Erin Flatley (12th in 2009) and Talia McKay (9th in 2009).


Other Teams

Gorham: The Rams should be a state meet qualifier once again, they will be led by Mia Rapolla (10th in 2009). 

Thornton Academy: The Trojans were 4th last year, they have a strong 1-2 back in seniors Kayla White (16th in 2009) & Erica Reaser (22nd in 2009)

Kennebunk: The Rams will be one of the teams battling for a spot in the state meet. They are led by Abbey Leonardi who will be looking to claim the regional title that eluded her last fall.

Sanford: The Redskins finished 11th last year, they will be right in the mix for a spot in the state meet this year. They will be led by Jillian Porter (45th in 2009)

Portland: The Bulldogs finished 12th last year, they will look to improve on that mark. Top returner is junior Nyawel Lia (46th in 2009)

Marshwood: The Hawks were 14th a year ago. They should be bolstered by transfer Brenda McCarthy (18th in 2009), who ran for Thornton Academy last fall.

McAuley:  The Lions finished 13th last year, top returner is junior Becca Kaiser (70th in 2009)

Biddeford: The Tigers were 15th last fall, and will be looking to improve on that finish. They will be led by senior Jerrica Stackpole 



Five or More Elite Runners
1 ME Cheverus High School 89
  1) Durgin, Emily 2012 18:21.00 2
  2) Hendry, Fiona 2012 18:47.20 3
  3) Woods, Maddie 2012 21:24.00 19
  4) Summa, Caroline 2011 21:45.90 28
  5) Niedermeyer, Greta 2013 22:30.00 37
  Average Time: 20:33.62 -- Total Time: 1:42:48.1 -- 1-5 Split: 4:09
  6) Morin, Hillary 2011 23:06.60 44
  7) Honan, Casey 2013 24:08.00 56
  8) Wirth, Alex 2012 24:50.30 --
  9) Haskell, Aubrey 2011 24:54.00 --
2 ME Scarborough High School 103
  1) Chick, Abby 2011 20:30.40 11
  2) Dugas, Sarah 2011 21:17.70 16
  3) O'Toole, Marissa 2013 21:29.80 20
  4) O'Connor, Emily 2011 21:30.00 21
  5) Cote, Jessica 2013 22:29.00 35
  Average Time: 21:27.38 -- Total Time: 1:47:16.9 -- 1-5 Split: 1:58.6
  6) Bernier, Shelby 2012 24:05.30 55
  7) Bailey, Catherine 2012 25:09.10 73
  8) Shottes, Katie 2012 25:14.10 --
  9) Laughton, Annie 2012 25:44.00 --
  10) Rogers, Carly 2012 27:00.00 --
3 ME Massabesic High School 110
  1) Hurlburt, Victoria 2011 20:20.00 9
  2) Pierce, Charlotte 2013 20:24.00 10
  3) Smith, Nikki 2011 21:42.00 27
  4) Lee, Marjorie 2012 21:58.00 31
  5) Pierce, Lauren 2011 22:19.00 33
  Average Time: 21:20.6 -- Total Time: 1:46:43 -- 1-5 Split: 1:59
  6) Roberge, Nicole 2013 23:21.00 47
  7) Harrington, Marie 2013 23:25.00 48
  8) Beaudoin, Colleen 2012 28:43.00 --
4 ME South Portland High School 123
  1) Pan, Nyajock 2013 20:17.00 7
  2) Donahue, Annelise 2011 21:19.10 17
  3) Mulligan, Bridget 2013 21:40.00 24
  4) Letourneau, Maria 2011 22:17.00 32
  5) Miller, Shelby 2012 22:58.00 43
  Average Time: 21:42.22 -- Total Time: 1:48:31.1 -- 1-5 Split: 2:41
  6) Merrill, Jackie 2013 23:10.00 45
  7) Blanchard, Maureen 2011 24:20.00 58
  8) Fisher, Jamie 2012 24:55.00 --
  9) Tirabassi, Angela 2013 25:19.00 --
  10) Damian-loring, Sydney 2011 25:49.00 --
5 ME Windham High School 124
  1) Flatley, Erin 2011 20:11.00 6
  2) McKay, Talia 2012 20:18.00 8
  3) Algeo, Lucy 2012 21:50.00 29
  4) Damron, Hannah 2012 22:38.90 40
  5) Shively, Beth 2011 22:39.80 41
  Average Time: 21:31.54 -- Total Time: 1:47:37.7 -- 1-5 Split: 2:28.8
  6) Bellavance, Danielle 2011 23:36.90 50
  7) Gifford, Sam 2011 24:46.00 67
  8) Myatt, Abby 2013 25:18.60 --
  9) Plummer, Cianne 2013 25:41.00 --
  10) Van Baars, Sasha 2012 25:55.00 --




 The top two spots in Western Maine have been held by juniors Abbey Leonardi & Emily Durgin (pictured left-winning Western Maine title) ever since they were freshman. Leonardi (pictured right) claimed the title her freshman year, while Durgin scored her first victory over Leonardi at last year's meet. So 2010 becomes the rubber match so to speak, although Leonardi did avenge her loss at the Class A state meet and Footlocker Northeast & National meets. Abbey had a tremendous spring track season setting all-time Maine bests at 1600m, Mile, 3k, 3200m & 2 mile, plus winning state titles at 1600m & 3200m, the New England 3200m title as well as placing 4th in the New Balance Outdoor National meet over 2 miles. Emily's outdoor season didn't go as planned as she was hit by the injury bug which prevented her from competing in the state meet and other post season championship meets.  Any time Abbey and Emily race you can always expect a top effort from both harriers, as they really bring out the best in each other, and the 2010 XC season should be no different.

   Outside of Leonardi and Durgin, there is plenty of talented athletes that in most years could win a state title. Durgin's teammate Fiona Hendry (3rd in 2009) ran very well last fall, clocking a fine 19:32 at Twinbrook, which in most years would be fast enough to win the title. Hendry had a strong spring track season, earning a 

runner-up spot in the 1600m (5:10.30) at the Class A state meet, she also ran a best of 11:32.85 for 3200m.

   There are a handful of other athletes that will compete for a top 5 spot, look for Victoria Hurlburt (Massabesic), who was 8th last year, ran a best of 12:09.31 for 3200m this spring. Mia Rapolla (Gorham pictured left) ran very well during her first xc season last fall finishing 10th, Rapolla is a mutli sport star excelling at basketball and is one of the best lacrosse players in the state, earning all-state honors this spring. Charlotte Pierce (Massabesic) had a strong freshman campaign, and looks to follow in her sisters footsteps as she ascend the ranks of the top distance runners in Maine. Pierce had a best of 11:40.92 this spring for 3200. Back from the top ten last year is Talia McKay (Windham) who was 9th, Mckay only runs XC so it's hard to gauge how much she'll improve. A runner that missed the regional last year Nyajock Pan of South Portland is someone to keep an eye on, she ran well at the state meet last fall and had a strong outdoor season, finishing 4th in the 1600m (5:18.33) & 5th in the 3200m (11:46.34) at the out door state meet







Top 15 returners from Western Maine Regional

  1 Emily Durgin              SO Cheverus                  18:25.40     1
  2 Abbey Leonardi            SO Kennebunk                 18:31.40     2
  3 Fiona Hendry              SO Cheverus                  19:32.10     3
  4 Victoria Hurlburt         JR Massabesic                20:23.40     8
  5 Talia McKay               SO Windham                   20:25.60     9
  6 Mia Rapolla               JR Gorham                    20:26.10    10
  7 Erin Flatley              JR Windham                   20:34.40    12
  8 Charlotte Pierce          FR Massabesic                20:46.60    13
  9 Ella Ramonas                 Deering                   21:08.40    15
 10 Kayla White               JR Thornton                  21:14.40    16
 11 Annelise Donahue          JR South Portland            21:19.10    17
 12 Brenda McCarthy           JR Marshwood                 21:30.90    18
 13 Amber Dostie              JR Bonny Eagle               21:45.50    20
 14 Madeline Woods            SO Cheverus                  21:49.20    21
 15 Erica Reaser              JR Thornton                  21:52.70    22

Milesplit Prediction

Individual Champ: Abbey Leonardi

Team Champ: Cheverus