The Mt. Blue boys and Maranacook took home first place honors in a 9 team KVAC meet at Lawrence Friday. 

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   In the boys race, Chris Heath of Gardiner took the early lead with Justin Tracy of Mt. Blue following right behind him.  Shortly before the first mile, Tracy took the lead and increased the margin to five seconds by the 2nd mile.  Tracy pulled away in the final mile while teammate Sully Jackson also overtook Heath to finish 2nd.  Mt. Blue teammates Josh Horne (4th) and Dan Lesko (6th) helped nail down the team victory.
   Other top ten finishers were Tristan Walden of Brewer (5th), Jamie Ross of Brunswick (7th), Maranacook's Colby Watts (8th), Chris Tanner of Brunswick (9th) and Brewer's Luke Rand (10th).
   On the girls side Tiffany Tanner of Brunswick held the lead at the mile, but Caroline Colan of Maranacook overtook her in the 2nd mile and emerged with the victory Teammate Hannah Depres took 4th behind Tessa Cassidy of Brunswick to help secure the team victory.
   The rest of the top 10 were Marissa Paquette of Lawrence (5th), Sarah Wade of Mt. Blue (6th), Courteney King of Cony (7th), Katherine Gunther of Mt. Blue (8th), India Lucas of Oxford Hills (9th) and Cony's Melissa Peterson (10th).
1. Mt. Blue  34
2. Brunswick 54
3. Brewer 61
4. Maranacook 86
5. Cony 133
6. MCI 190
7. Lawrence 199
8. Gardiner, Oxford Hills no score
1. Maranacook 55
2. Brunswick 68
3. Mt. Blue 75
4. Brewer 88
5. Oxford Hills 112
6. Lawrence 116
7. Gardiner 181
8. MCI, Cony no score

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