Meet Information

Awards: Awards for both boys and girls within each class will take place approximately 30 minutes following the boys? race by the field house if weather permits. If the weather is bad they will take place in the Greely Middle School gym. The
Middle School is approximately 1.5 miles west of Twin Brook on Tuttle Road.

Awards:Trophies and medals will be presented to the 1st and 2nd place teams as well as individual medals for the top 10 finishers in each race.

State Meet Qualification:
The number of teams qualifying for the State Meet in each class will be one-half of the teams that start the race at the Regionals. The top 30 individual finishers in Class A.

Meet Schedule
C - Girls-- 11:00 -- Boys 11:35
A - Girls -- 12:10 -- Boys 12:45
B - Girls-- 1:20 -- Boys 1:55