Throwing Deep

Check out "Throwing Deep" a blog by South Portland thrower Daniel Guiliani. Guiliani was the Class A shot put champion outdoors and finished second in the New England Championship a year. He broke the Maine all-time best indoors with a 62-4 effort.

Hey Everybody!

Words can't describe how excited I am that outdoor track is upon us. I've been working very hard, and I can't wait to go big. Practices with the team have just recently started and I have to say, my team is a great group of guys. We have some new guys coming out, some very talented returners, and promising younger guys for this program. I'm curious to see how well we can compete in comparison to the state, and regular season meets in the near future.

Training has been going great. I've been lifting heavy, and improving my form in many ways to put me where I want to be. I ran into a wrist injury that stopped me from competing at the national level, but once I was able to throw again and strap those shoes on, distances in the shot have just sky rocketed. I've been very consistent in the high 60's,and I'm looking to be opening my season with a throw of that range.

Ever since the meet up at Orono where I past the state record, I've surprisingly never been more motivated and hungry to improve in my life. It showed me just how much potential I have, and it gave me a substantial amount of confidence. At this point in time, this sport has really taken over my life. At first, I only did track to stay in shape for football, and I didn't really care about my numbers or times. When I was in middle school going in freshman year, I wanted to quit so many times but I just stayed at it, and I've honestly just fell in love with the hard work and the feeling of improvement, the feeling of breaking new barriers and the feeling I have in competition. I cherish every practice I and meet I have now. Every time I pick up that shot and step in that ring, there's no other place I'd rather be. That's just something I had to get out there, because of this completely different mindset I have about throwing in just a 2 year window. It's not an everyday thing, from hating something so much, to just later, putting your heart and soul into it.

Hope the first week of practice for everyone has been well. Keep training, work hard, and have some fun doing it!

-Daniel Guiliani