Speed City

Follow Lake Region HS sprint/jump star Kate Hall as she blogs about her senior outdoor season & the quest to be the best. Hall was the indoor national long jump champion this winter. Her accolades are impressive, she has never lost a state championship race or jump, a perfect 23-23 so far. She currently holds Maine State Indoor All-time bests in the 55m, 60m, 200m, & long jump. Outdoors she holds all-time best marks in the 100m, 200m & long jump.

Hello once again!

It's so hard to believe that I already have had my first outdoor meet of my senior year. Outdoor is always hard in that the weather doesn't get warm enough to perform as well as I would like until the end of the season. That's okay with me though considering I won't peak until that time of year anyway. Who knows, maybe the weather will be in my favor for once this season!

Aside from the start of the outdoor season, I have had a busy couple of weeks. I am now associated with my insulin pump company, OmniPod. They have been setting up interviews to not only help sell their insulin pump, but also to help me get exposure as an athlete and diabetic as well. Since then I have had interviews with a few different magazines and USA Today. Aside from that, I have been given the opportunity to attend the Maine Sports Hall of Fame inductee ceremony on Sunday (I'm not being inducted). At the ceremony, I will be able to meet a well known olympic agent, Seth Wescott, and Michael Phelps! This is an unbelievable opportunity and I cannot wait. Also, this Friday I am officially done my senior year of school. It's hard to believe how fast my senior year went by and that the next classes I will be taking will be at Iowa State.

As far as training goes, things have been going very well! Right now I'm in the strength phase of my workouts. So I'm pretty much just getting as strong and stable as possible before I start my plyometrics and peaking phase. I can feel myself getting stronger and I can't wait to see what this season brings! I hope everyone has had a wonderful start to their season!!