Rangers Lead the Way

Follow Greely senior Matt Woolverton this spring as he talks about his struggles with injuries, and his battle to overcome them for one healthy season.

Yesterday was the first meet of the season for Greely track. Unfortunately for me I was scratched from the meet for personal reasons. I kept quiet about it going into everything because I wanted to avoid having to explain everything and deal with teammates and peers trying to talk me into competing. It was difficult, really difficult in fact. To be healthy and arguably in good enough shape to compete and end up being scratched after all the work I have done to get to this point. It was a struggle to say the least.

That being said I still had a very good day. Getting back to taking photos of the Greely track family is always fun. I also had a great time watching out track rookies start to get the hang of things.

I'm really having trouble accepting that this is my last season as a Ranger. I keep having to catch myself from thinking about the future of this team. I look around at all of the new faces and can't help but feel like they have a bright future in front of them. I'll come back and catch a meet or two here and there sure but not having that family dynamic with these people anymore is going to be difficult. However, I do expect that I'll have that on my college team I just don't like the thought of creating all of these great connections with my younger friends on the team and then having to move on without them.

Though I look forward to college and getting out of high school theres a lot of change happening recently and it's often difficult to wrap my head around all of it.

Running has always been my means of clearing my head yet recently it seems as though running is what's clouding my mind in the first place. I'm struggling with deciding between whether or not to push myself and risk injury or to stay healthy for my collegiate career. I'm no star athlete. I never will be. That being said I want to prepare to have my body be able to compete as long as I am able to. I expect that means not running cross country next year and simply sticking to sprinting but we'll see how it goes.

I'm really looking forward to competing again and I can't wait to see what the Greely team has in store for the rest of the season. If any of you have interest, I have a new account on instagram “matt_woolverton_photography" where I will be posting my favorite photos that I take from track and potentially elsewhere. I'd love for you all to check it out. I've always wanted a way to share my favorite pictures apart from the hundreds of others that I take so I hope this will be a good way of doing that.

Good luck to each of you going into the season,

No Regrets, -Matt Woolverton