State Champion Spotlight: Nina Tasker (Noble)

State Champion Spotlight: Nina Tasker (Noble)

What were your preparations leading up to the state meet?

My preparations leading to the meet was lots of focus, but I tried to relax at the same time. In the week prior to the championship I stayed hydrated and stretched so I could have full advantage, and kept going over the same perfect race over and over again.

What was one thing that you focused on this winter that made a difference in your performance?

 I focused on the drive I need to perform the way I want to, and the potential reward at the end of my hard work. That was enough motivation for me to really focus this season.

You won the 55m hurdle title personal best 8.50, where you surprised at winning the title and running that fast? 

 Personally, I wouldn't say I was surprised I ran the time I did. I worked very hard to get to the place I'm at and I believe I deserve the reward I worked for. I know an 8.5 was a large PR for me, but I knew I was capable. 

Coming into the season what were your goals and did you achieve them?

My goals coming into the season was keeping the attention of my college coach. I very well did achieve that goal because I am now committed to Umass Lowell. My other goals included making myself proud, which is pretty obvious I did that.

What have your coaches meant to your success?

 Lastly I couldn't do this without the help of my awesome coaches. Coach Lawrence, who was awarded coach of the year, helped me get through any slumps I had in my performance. My teammates also were always there for me.

Tasker's 55m Hurdle Progression


2017-18 Performances

8.81Indoor55HNew England Indoor Championships13thPrelims>
15-5.25IndoorLJClass A Indoor State Championship10thFinals>
8.50Indoor55HClass A Indoor State Championship1stFinals>
8.72Indoor55HClass A Indoor State Championship2ndPrelims>
15-6.25IndoorLJSMAA Southwesterns Championships5thFinals>
7.77Indoor55mSMAA Southwesterns Championships5thFinals>
7.79Indoor55mSMAA Southwesterns Championships5thPrelims>
9.08Indoor55HSMAA Southwesterns Championships1stFinals>
9.06Indoor55HSMAA Southwesterns Championships1stPrelims>
4-10IndoorHJSMAA:Biddeford-Noble-South Portland-Windham2ndFinals>
7.82Indoor55mSMAA:Biddeford-Noble-South Portland-Windham2ndFinals>
9.05Indoor55HSMAA:Biddeford-Noble-South Portland-Windham1stFinals>
7.85Indoor55mSMAA: Fal-Gor-Kenn-SoPo-Bonny Eagle-Noble-Port-West1stFinals>
9.13Indoor55HSMAA: Fal-Gor-Kenn-SoPo-Bonny Eagle-Noble-Port-West1stFinals>
14-8.5IndoorLJSMAA: Cheverus-Falmouth-Noble-Thornton3rdFinals>
7.83Indoor55mSMAA: Cheverus-Falmouth-Noble-Thornton2ndFinals>
9.31Indoor55HSMAA: Cheverus-Falmouth-Noble-Thornton1stFinals>
9.03Indoor55HDartmouth Relays6thFinals>
9.20Indoor55HDartmouth Relays8thPrelims>
15-6.75IndoorLJSMAA: Deering-Gorham-Noble-Scarborough2ndFinals>
7.96Indoor55mSMAA: Deering-Gorham-Noble-Scarborough2ndFinals>
9.27Indoor55HSMAA: Deering-Gorham-Noble-Scarborough1stFinals>