Around the SMAA Week 2

Around the SMAA Week 2

SMAA: Deer, Mass, West, Wind, Kenn

University of Southern Maine Gorham, ME
Dec 22, 2018
435 Total Performances

Nyagoa Bayak of Westbrook jumped out to the state lead in the triple jump with a mark of 36-2, and for the second week in a row cleared 5-7 in the high jump which is also the state leading mark. 

Hannah D'Orso of Kennebunk ran a strong 600 yard race clocking 1:34.27 to win and run the second best time in the SMAA this winter.

Windham's Hannah Langstaff picked up a win in the 400m in 65.16, the eighth best mark in Class A. She would add a second place in the 200m running 28.79.

Westbrook's Mahamed Sharif opened his season with a state leading 2:01.33 in the 800m as he got out fast and held it together well running a huge personal best in the event.

In the boys sprint Dante Lingley of Westbrook took the 55m (6.88) and then the 200m (24.07) both times were personal bests. 

Deering's Josh Paisley heaved the shot put to 47-5, a mark which ranks him fourth in Class A as he turned back the field to win.

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Elite Performances

Girls (20)
55mF 1 1st7.87Mimi BanksmithDeering High School
200mF 2 1st28.69Syeira NewMassabesic High School
200mF 2 2nd28.79Hannah LangstaffWindham High School
400mF 1 1st1:05.16Hannah LangstaffWindham High School
400mF 1 2nd1:06.76Abigail ClinchWindham High School
400mF 1 3rd1:07.30Morgan SharpKennebunk High School
400mF 1 4th1:07.48Allison WuerthnerKennebunk High School
600YF 1 1st1:34.27Hannah D'OrsoKennebunk High School
MileF 1 1st5:48.03Kylie JohnsonMassabesic High School
MileF 1 2nd5:57.94Jonna RosenthalDeering High School
MileF 1 3rd5:59.36Hailey ApplebeeWindham High School
HJF 1 1st4-10Katelyn SmithWindham High School
HJF 1 2nd5-0Sierra GuiteWindham High School
HJF 1 1st5-7Nyagoa BayakWestbrook High School
TJF 1 3rd31-3Hope HigginsWestbrook High School
TJF 1 2nd31-7Abigail ClinchWindham High School
TJF 1 1st32-2Katelyn SmithWindham High School
TJF 1 1st36-2Nyagoa BayakWestbrook High School
SF 1 2nd30-8.25Nicole JohnsonDeering High School
SF 1 1st31-9.5Hope HigginsWestbrook High School
Boys (29)
55mF 1 1st6.88Dante LingleyWestbrook High School
55mF 1 2nd6.96Travis SouleDeering High School
55mF 1 3rd6.97Samacha SamDeering High School
55mF 1 4th6.97Donnail BrownDeering High School
55mF 1 5th6.97Antonio CiccomanciniDeering High School
55mF 1 6th7.08Connor AbbotoniWindham High School
200mF 7 1st24.07Dante LingleyWestbrook High School
200mF 7 2nd24.17Travis SouleDeering High School
200mF 6 3rd24.84Antonio CiccomanciniDeering High School
200mF 7 4th24.87Connor AbbotoniWindham High School
200mF 4 1st24.93Nate CrippsKennebunk High School
200mF 6 5th25.11Colby DionneWindham High School
200mF 7 6th25.14Samacha SamDeering High School
200mF 6 7th25.19Mason RosboroughWindham High School
400mF 2 1st53.73Jerry MixangeloDeering High School
400mF 2 2nd54.29Mason RosboroughWindham High School
800mF 1 1st2:01.33Mahamed SharifWestbrook High School
MileF 1 1st4:37.87Alec TroxellDeering High School
MileF 1 2nd4:44.54Jeffery WatersMassabesic High School
MileF 1 3rd4:44.58Ethan EickmannKennebunk High School
MileF 1 4th4:50.88Anthony SawyerWindham High School
MileF 1 5th4:54.70Jack PecoraroWestbrook High School
55HF 1 1st8.59Cameron HollowayWestbrook High School
55HF 1 2nd8.70Alex FerrisKennebunk High School
55HF 1 3rd8.71Abukar AbuDeering High School
HJF 1 2nd5-8Chris KomboDeering High School
HJF 1 1st6-2Andrew LaddKennebunk High School
TJF 1 1st40-0.5Chris KomboDeering High School
SF 1 1st47-5Josh PaisleyDeering High School

SMAA: Fal, Bidd, Nob, TA, Chev, SP

University of Southern Maine Gorham, ME
Dec 22, 2018
713 Total Performances

Freshman Mia-Claire Kezal dominated the junior 800m in a time of 2:29.03, the mark is the fourth best time in Class A so far this winter.

Cheverus senior Emma White continues to excel in the hurdles as she clocked a time of 9.14 to win the senior hurdles, her time is currently the second best in the state.

Allie Gross a senior from Thornton Academy cleared 5-2 in the high jump to win the event, her height currently ranks her third in Class A.

Rebek Hunnewell-Dunphe of South Portland is the state leader in the shot put, she won the event over tough competition with a throw of 34-8 1/2.

Thornton Academy senior Travis Snyder upped his state leading pole vault mark to 15-3 as he won easily. Snyder is over 2ft higher than the next best jumper this winter. In the 55m hurdles Snyder clocked Class A #1 and state #2 with his 8.03 victory.

Falmouth junior Kyle Bouchard won the 200m in a personal best 23.50 as he moved to Class A #1 in the event. His teammate John Auer swept the mile (4:37.06) and the 800m (2:08.41) for the second straight week.

The shot put was the event to watch as state leading Jason Montano of Thornton Academy won the event throwing 58-1. Falmouth's Josh Bradford hit a new pr with a throw of 49-1 1/4 to finish second, his mark ranks him Class A & state number two. While Cheverus sophomore Giovanni Fornaro also hit a personal best 48-6 1/4 to finish third.

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Elite Performances

Girls (40)
55mF 1 1st7.70Sabria MerrifieldThornton Academy
55mF 1 1st7.78Traci FrancisSouth Portland High School
55mF 1 2nd7.84Kaelly O'GuinnBiddeford High School
55mF 1 2nd7.84Caitlyn CamelioFalmouth High School
55mF 1 3rd7.85Kylie BedardThornton Academy
200mF 3 1st28.00Sophie MarcotteFalmouth High School
200mF 3 2nd28.02Caitlyn CamelioFalmouth High School
200mF 7 1st28.13Kylie BedardThornton Academy
200mF 7 2nd28.29Kaelly O'GuinnBiddeford High School
200mF 3 3rd28.32Julia RyanCheverus High School
400mF 3 1st1:06.58Jordina ColemanBiddeford High School
400mF 3 2nd1:06.85Emma McLaughlinNoble High School
600YF 1 1st1:36.55Anna FolleySouth Portland High School
800mF 1 1st2:29.03Mia-Claire KezalThornton Academy
800mF 1 1st2:35.73Annie DuongThornton Academy
800mF 1 2nd2:36.52Rosie TrainCheverus High School
55HF 1 1st9.14Emma WhiteCheverus High School
55HF 1 2nd9.35Evelyn HanleyCheverus High School
55HF 1 1st9.40Sarah MontanoThornton Academy
55HF 1 2nd9.74Baylee CyrNoble High School
55HF 1 3rd9.75Maddie MarksFalmouth High School
55HF 1 3rd9.82Emma McLaughlinNoble High School
55HF 2 4th9.86Jordyn HulseySouth Portland High School
55HF 1 5th10.00Mary-kate EarleyCheverus High School
4x200mF 1 1st1:54.18Falmouth High School
4x800mF 1 1st10:38.69Thornton Academy
HJF 1 4th4-8Mariah WhitmoreBiddeford High School
HJF 1 3rd4-10Emma WhiteCheverus High School
HJF 1 2nd5-0Tessa CyrNoble High School
HJF 1 1st5-2Allie GrossThornton Academy
LJF 1 2nd15-5Sophie MarcotteFalmouth High School
LJF 1 1st15-11Mia TarankoThornton Academy
TJF 1 1st31-1.5Jennifer ChauThornton Academy
TJF 1 1st31-7Natalie RandallNoble High School
PVF 1 1st9-0Tia SnyderThornton Academy
SF 1 1st30-6Shannon DyeFalmouth High School
SF 1 4th31-0Libby HaydenNoble High School
SF 1 3rd31-5.5Aspen DyerNoble High School
SF 1 2nd31-10.25Jaigan BoudreauThornton Academy
SF 1 1st34-8.5Rebek Hunnewell-dunpheSouth Portland High School
Boys (46)
55mF 1 1st6.81Isaac OfieluThornton Academy
55mF 1 2nd6.89Kyle BouchardFalmouth High School
55mF 1 3rd6.93Owen PodolecNoble High School
55mF 1 4th6.97Julien Bailey-cottleThornton Academy
55mF 1 5th7.00Matthew BeerworthNoble High School
55mF 1 6th7.01Ben SivikSouth Portland High School
55mF 2 7th7.03Adrian FriedmanFalmouth High School
55mF 2 8th7.06Seamus O'brienFalmouth High School
200mF 6 1st23.50Kyle BouchardFalmouth High School
200mF 6 2nd23.90Matthew BeerworthNoble High School
200mF 6 3rd24.43Owen PodolecNoble High School
200mF 6 4th24.49Isaac OfieluThornton Academy
200mF 5 5th24.66Ethan AliFalmouth High School
200mF 6 6th24.84Julien Bailey-cottleThornton Academy
200mF 7 1st24.98Frank MorangCheverus High School
200mF 7 2nd25.11Connor QuietFalmouth High School
600YF 1 1st1:22.54Max SpauldingThornton Academy
800mF 1 1st2:08.41John AuerFalmouth High School
800mF 1 2nd2:09.28Dawson DesrosiersThornton Academy
800mF 1 3rd2:10.73Tyler ShettlerNoble High School
MileF 1 1st4:37.06John AuerFalmouth High School
MileF 1 2nd4:49.29Ben GreeneFalmouth High School
MileF 1 3rd4:54.34Simon DimatteoThornton Academy
2MileF 1 1st10:25.40Nolan DohertyCheverus High School
2MileF 1 2nd10:26.10Faran IganiFalmouth High School
2MileF 1 3rd10:36.85Benjamin PotterFalmouth High School
2MileF 1 4th10:39.43Peyton TownsendThornton Academy
55HF 1 1st8.03Travis SnyderThornton Academy
55HF 1 2nd8.11Max SpauldingThornton Academy
55HF 1 3rd8.40Joseph EmerySouth Portland High School
55HF 1 4th8.48Noah SaffordNoble High School
4x200mF 1 1st1:37.95Falmouth High School
4x200mF 1 2nd1:38.08Noble High School
HJF 1 1st5-8Joseph EmerySouth Portland High School
LJF 1 1st19-1Frank MorangCheverus High School
LJF 1 1st19-1.5Travis SnyderThornton Academy
TJF 1 1st39-6Max SpauldingThornton Academy
PVF 1 2nd12-6Ben DrummeyBiddeford High School
PVF 1 3rd12-6Grant DowThornton Academy
PVF 1 1st15-3Travis SnyderThornton Academy
SF 1 6th41-11.5Nathaniel EllingtonSouth Portland High School
SF 1 5th44-0Jared PierceBiddeford High School
SF 1 4th45-3.5Thomas PalmerThornton Academy
SF 1 3rd48-6.25Giovanni FornaroCheverus High School
SF 1 2nd49-1.25Josh BradfordFalmouth High School
SF 1 1st58-1Jason MontanoThornton Academy

SMAA: Marsh, BE, Por, Gor, Scar

University of Southern Maine Gorham, ME
Dec 22, 2018
600 Total Performances

Bonny Eagle senior Kayla Raymond lowered her state leading mark down to 2:20.69 in the 800m. Kate Tugman of Gorham was second in the race with a strong effort of 2:23.98, the second best time in Class A.
Tugman would also add the SMAA leader in the 600 yard with a time of 1:33.76.

Evelyn Kitchen of Gorham impressed in the high jump as she soared to a huge personal best 5-6 clearance, that mark ranks her second in Class A only behind All-American Nyagoa Bayak. Kitchen added another win in the long jump with a leap of 16-3 and also took first in shot put 31-5 1/2.

Freshman Delaney Hesler of Bonny Eagle ran 5:20.53 in the mile to win easily, her effort ranks her second in Class A.

Rori Coomey of Marshwood showed off her speed with a 7.61 effort over 55m to turn back the field, the mark is the third best in Class A. She added a second win in the 400m with a time of 65.49.

Emily Labbe of Scarborough lowered her state leading mark in the 55m hurdles down to 8.94 as she cruised to victory. She would add a win in the senior 200m (28.12).

Junior Anna Gardner of Scarborough jumped a state leading 9-6 in the pole vault to win the event.

On the boys side Jarett Flaker ran a new SMAA record of 6.54 in the 55m dash, the mark is also the fastest in the state this winter. Teammate Ben Hatch clocked a personal best 6.63 for second in the event, he added a win in the long jump with a indoor best of 21-7, both marks rank him second in the state. Hatch added a win in the 200m (23.98).

In the junior 55m freshman sprint sensation Andrew Farr of Gorham won the 55m in 6.67, the second fastest freshman time in state history only behind Flaker's 6.61. Farr added a strong 23.94 effort to win the junior 200m.

Senior Noah Drapeau of Scarborough blitzed the 400m in a new personal best 52.62, the time ties him for second in Class A. 

Distance ace Tristram Coffin battled a lot of traffic to win the mile in a state leading 4:35.98. He doubled back to set a personal best 2:05.55.

Anthony Clavette a senior from Scarborough won the 55m hurdles in a personal best 8.21, the third best time in Class A. He added a win by clearing 6-3 in the high jump, he currently ranks second in the event statewide.

Nate Mars won the shot put with a toss of 47-1 1/2 to move to fifth best in Class A. Teammate Ian Gott cleared a personal best 12-6 to win the pole vault, he currently ranks third in Class A.

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Elite Performances

Girls (42)
55mF 1 1st7.61Rori CoomeyMarshwood High School
55mF 1 1st7.67Katherine PageMarshwood High School
55mF 1 2nd7.68Sydney ConnollyGorham High School
55mF 1 3rd7.82Nevaeh MooreGorham High School
200mF 2 1st28.12Emily LabbeScarborough High School
200mF 8 1st28.18Sydney ConnollyGorham High School
200mF 5 2nd28.46Awen DengPortland High School
200mF 8 2nd28.63Hannah KaspereenBonny Eagle High School
400mF 2 1st1:05.49Rori CoomeyMarshwood High School
400mF 2 2nd1:07.44Gretchen BiegelBonny Eagle High School
600YF 1 1st1:33.76Kate TugmanGorham High School
600YF 1 2nd1:34.38Liz WentworthMarshwood High School
800mF 1 1st2:20.69Kayla RaymondBonny Eagle High School
800mF 1 2nd2:23.98Kate TugmanGorham High School
800mF 1 1st2:30.73Megan RandallScarborough High School
800mF 1 3rd2:33.40Liz WentworthMarshwood High School
800mF 1 4th2:35.19Emily JohnsonScarborough High School
800mF 1 5th2:36.68Katherine PageMarshwood High School
800mF 1 6th2:37.79Mackenzie YoungMarshwood High School
MileF 1 1st5:20.53Delaney HeslerBonny Eagle High School
MileF 1 2nd5:49.09Amelia AlexanderBonny Eagle High School
MileF 1 3rd5:54.31Emmaline PendletonBonny Eagle High School
MileF 1 4th5:55.73Emily JohnsonScarborough High School
2MileF 1 1st12:47.98Ami BeaumierBonny Eagle High School
2MileF 1 2nd12:59.57Lena WoodScarborough High School
55HF 1 1st8.94Emily LabbeScarborough High School
55HF 1 2nd9.90Karina BoothePortland High School
4x200mF 1 1st1:54.55Marshwood High School
HJF 1 2nd4-8Ella ReaganPortland High School
HJF 1 3rd4-8Lucy WeyandBonny Eagle High School
HJF 1 4th4-8Anna GardnerScarborough High School
HJF 1 4th4-8Nina GreeleyScarborough High School
HJF 1 1st5-0Emma GreenGorham High School
HJF 1 2nd5-2Jaidyn AppelPortland High School
HJF 1 1st5-6Evelyn KitchenGorham High School
LJF 1 1st16-3Evelyn KitchenGorham High School
TJF 1 2nd32-1Alexiis FiorePortland High School
TJF 1 1st32-10Jaidyn AppelPortland High School
PVF 1 2nd8-6Lauren BardenGorham High School
PVF 1 1st9-6Anna GardnerScarborough High School
SF 1 2nd29-11.5Makenna JanesMarshwood High School
SF 1 1st31-5.5Evelyn KitchenGorham High School
Boys (34)
55mF 4 1st6.54Jarett FlakerScarborough High School
55mF 1 2nd6.63Ben HatchScarborough High School
55mF 1 1st6.67Andrew FarrGorham High School
55mF 1 3rd6.92Andrew PendletonBonny Eagle High School
55mF 1 4th6.99Nolan LamontagneScarborough High School
55mF 1 2nd7.00Nathan FoggPortland High School
55mF 1 5th7.01Salvator DeBenedettoScarborough High School
200mF 8 1st23.94Andrew FarrGorham High School
200mF 6 1st23.98Ben HatchScarborough High School
200mF 6 2nd24.14Noah DrapeauScarborough High School
200mF 6 3rd24.22Zack AlloccaBonny Eagle High School
200mF 6 4th24.93Ryan FarrGorham High School
200mF 8 2nd25.10Jack MahoneyPortland High School
200mF 5 5th25.12David UndlinScarborough High School
400mF 2 1st52.62Noah DrapeauScarborough High School
400mF 2 2nd54.11Andrew PendletonBonny Eagle High School
400mF 2 3rd54.13Aidan JoyceScarborough High School
400mF 2 1st55.78Nathan FoggPortland High School
800mF 1 1st2:05.55Tristram CoffinScarborough High School
MileF 1 1st4:35.86Tristram CoffinScarborough High School
MileF 1 2nd4:44.93Zachary BarryScarborough High School
2MileF 1 1st10:04.65Aiden WilleyBonny Eagle High School
2MileF 1 2nd10:24.06Erik LoSaccoScarborough High School
55HF 1 1st8.21Anthony ClavetteScarborough High School
55HF 1 1st8.60Jayden FlakerScarborough High School
HJF 1 1st6-3Anthony ClavetteScarborough High School
LJF 1 2nd20-4Zack AlloccaBonny Eagle High School
LJF 1 1st21-7Ben HatchScarborough High School
TJF 1 2nd40-1Anthony ClavetteScarborough High School
TJF 1 1st41-6Zack AlloccaBonny Eagle High School
PVF 1 2nd11-0Jacob SansoucieMarshwood High School
PVF 1 1st12-6Ian GottScarborough High School
SF 1 2nd43-1Seamus TimsGorham High School
SF 1 1st47-1.75Nathan MarsScarborough High School