Maine Class A State Championship 2019

Lewiston, ME

Meet Information

2018 MPA Class A State Outdoor Track & Field Championship
Lewiston High School Saturday June 1

Meet Director: Diane Fournier may be reached at (cell) 522-9871

Site Director: Jason Fuller may be reached at 207-212-4476

Meet Packets: Packets may be picked-up by coaches at the finish line tent beginning at 8:00 A.M. Saturday, June 1

Entrance: Athlete entrance Athletes should be dropped off at the back gate to the Franklin Athletic Complex located at 195 Birch St.

Parking: After athlete drop off, all busses should head to the Androscoggin Bank Colisee to park.Parking lot entrance is at 95 Jefferson St. which is 100 ft down the road from the athlete entrance at 195 Birch St.

Team Tents: Team tents can be set up on the baseball field. Teams need to realize this is a turf facility so tents will not be able to be staked down. If teams want to stake down their tents, they can use the North end of the track located outside the fence. We ask that teams be conscious of the artificial turf.

Admission Fees: Adults - $8.00 Senior Citizen (65+) - $5.00 Students - $ 5.00

Seeding: Will be completed according to MPA seeding procedure. All electronic entries must be received by 7:00 P.M. on May 29th to . Confirmationof team entries received will be sent as an EVENT ENTRY file listing athletes and events entered. All entries must be on either Hy-Tek TEAM MANAGER or TEAM MANAGER LITE.

PRELIMINARY ENTRIES (5/30) and FINAL ENTRIES (5/31) may be viewed on
www/ Once the meet has been seeded, Dave Jeffery will develop an updated event schedule and post to this site.

Jury of Appeals: MPA representative, Caroyln Court (Lew), George Mendros (TA), Karen Reardon (SP)

Pole Vault: Weight certification form must be given to the official inspecting the poles upon arrival. Understand no form, no vault.

Numbers: Athletes will be identified by hip numbers in running events. 3 hip numbers will be worn, one on each hip and one on the left chest in distance events.

Event Check-In: Field Events at the site. Running events at the clerk TBD
After check-in, line clerks will give all necessary instruct regarding the meet, who is in the event, position and the results of the event. First field events of the day with get a 10 minute call to alert athletes the event will begin In 10 minutes. An announcement will be made when the event has ended to alert the next group to go to the event.

Timing System: FinishLynx systems will be in use. Please instruct your athletes to stay away from the finish area.

FieldLynx: May be used for field events.

Track: 8 lanes on the straight and turns

Long & Triple Jump Boards Long Jump 4, 8, 12 foot --- Triple Jump 24, 28, 32, 36, 40 foot boards

Relays: Relay declaration forms will be picked up by coaches upon arrival at the finish tent. Relay declaration forms must be turned in to the finish line tent 30 minutes before the start of the event, 4 x 8 ASAP. Clerks will have the names of the athletes on a form and all must be present for check in. Be sure to have the order of running for your relay team. Scratch the names of those NOT running.


1600 M Relay: Three-turn stagger start will be used.
Starts for the Distance events: 800 Double pole will be used
1600 May be 2 sections (#s will dictate)
3200 Will be 1 section

Scratches: If a competitor is scratched in any event, that competitor is scratched from all remaining events. Coaches will be given a scratch form which must be filled out and turned in to Diane Fournier at the conclusion of the coaches meeting.

Uniform Rule: Federation Rule book articles are in effect. Be aware of the undergarment rule for all events, not just relays. All shorts must be worn as the manufacturer intended, no rolled down waistbands are allowed and track tops must not be knotted orcover hip numbers. Know your under the shorts garment rule.

Spikes: Spikes, 3/16 pyramid ONLY

Weigh-In: Will begin at 8:30 AM. Weigh-in location is in the blue storage shed next to the discus area. The blue storage area is on the opposite side of the finish line area.

Starting Heights: Starting heights for girls high jump 4-6 and boys 5-6. However, If numbers dictate, polevault girls start at 7-0 and boys at 10-6. The first two heights may go up 9 (G - 7-0, 7-9,8-6, 9-0, etc.) (B 10-6, 11-3, 12-0, 12-6, etc.)

Trainers: Certified trainers will be available 1 hour before the start of the first event and 30 minutes after the final event. Teams must bring all needed supplies. Trainers may be found near the clerking area.

Area: Athletes warming up must not interfere with competing athletes in ANY venue. There is no warming up in the infield of the track. The soft/baseball field and soccer field maybe used.

Tape Marking: Tape markings are NOT ALLOWED ON the long, triple, and pole vault runways. High jumpers are allowed 2 marks, both of which must be more than 2 feet from the standards. Relays are allowed 2 tape marks or tennis balls placed in their lanes one minute prior to the start of their heat. Tape marks and balls, MUST be removed by a team member prior to the start of the next section.

Long & Triple
Runways are located on the edge of the track closest to the bleachers. Outside runway will be used for long jump, while the inside runway will be used for triple jump. All jumps will be directed towards Lewiston HS and away from the finish line.

Javelin Will be contested in the track infield. NOTE: Another field could be used but the distance from the main venue is too far away for athletes and spectators.

Finals: Running Events 8 competitors to finals (100 dash and 100/110 hurdles). For meet management, boys finals MAY be run before girls finals.

Field Events 8 competitors to finals, competing in reverse order.

Spectators & Coaches: Spectators and coaches are NOT allowed in the infield unless called to the infield. Use the bleachers and areas designated for COACHES. No bare-chested individuals are allowed within the track complex. COACHING areas are outside the fencing (marked with an X on the map. Abuse will result in termination of that schools use of that area by any of their coaches for that event).

Awards: Medals will be awarded to the first seven place winners in each event during the meet at the awards area in the infield. Please instruct your athletes to be prompt and in proper uniform when they are called to the infield. Trophies will be awarded to each winning team shortly after the conclusion of the last event.

Scoring: Meet scoring is 10-8-6-4-3-2-1, scoring 7 places.

Programs: Will be on sale at the main gate for $2.00

Trash Bags: Each team will be provided with a trash bag. Please use them to clean up your area anddeposit them on the side of the concession stand on your way out. PLEASE make sure the trash bags are not leaking on the turf field.

Fluids: The only fluids allowed within the confines of the competition area, WILL BE WATER. Sports drinks may only be consumed outside the COMPETITION AREA.

T-Shirts: Will be sold at a table adjacent to the concessions stand.

Concessions: Will be available all day with some great food!

Rest rooms: Porta-potties are located behind the baseball backstop near the track. Permanent bathroom facilities will be open in the concourse of Don Roux Field which is located behind the track facilities.

Protests & Appeals: The Jury of Appeals/Games Committee have been listed earlier on this form. A protest form may be picked up at the scoring table. All protests must be in writing from a coach, accompanied with a $35 fee. The protest, along with the fee, must be given to the proper referee.

Time Schedule: The meet WILL NOT go ahead of the listed time schedule. It is the responsibility of coaches the athletes report to their event at the appropriate times. The time schedule,along with each schools officials and information regarding their duties, will be sentto Please be sure they get the information.

Coach Area: ONLY coaches are allowed in the designated coaching boxes. Coaches badges, 3 per team, will be presented to the coaches at the meeting. These badges must be worn by the coach when in the designated coaching area. Misuse of the badges will result in in immediate loss of the Coaches Box privilege.

Other: No phones, cameras, I-pads, video cameras, Frisbees or footballs allowed within the Competition areas.

MPA will enter all qualified athletes. Athletes entered will be based on the performances at the 3 State meets. All 7 scorers from each State meet will form a pool to fill the field. The State Champions from each of the 3 classes and the next 3 best performances will qualify for the meet. If one or more of the 6 qualifiers decides not to compete, then the field will be filled with the
next best performance from the State meet. If an athlete qualifies in more than one event, they may decide to enter in fewer events than for which they have qualified. George Mendros will be putting together the Maine entrants for the New England Championship. He will need to have all the information by Sunday evening, JUNE 3. Any athlete who qualifies or is an alternate must contact him at home (282-5065) or by email. If not contacted by athlete or coach, they will not be entered in the meet.
If an athlete does not contact him, they will not be entered into the event. If an athlete is not competing, they should contact him and let him know he/she is not competing.

2019 Location Thornton Academy, Saco, ME JUNE 8

For more information on New Englands, go to the MPA web site and or the
New England web site.