Throwing Deep

Check out "Throwing Deep" a blog by South Portland thrower Daniel Guiliani. Guiliani was the Class A shot put champion outdoors and finished second in the New England Championship a year. Follow his journey to break the state all-time best this winter.

Greetings to all of you Track and field fanatics out there,

What a exciting couple of weeks of competition this has been? Records falling left and right, Personal bests being replaced a new distance or number, things that you don't typically see until the end of a season! After my events I just love seeing others stride and compete to their highest levels. My teammate Cuesta has broken his own league record from last year in the last two meets, which I just find incredible. Then I hear things like Rusak clearing 14-5 in the pole vault (4th best performer in indoor state history) his 10th grade year? And a fellow thrower and friend of mine Nick white already hitting 51+ just two weeks in? The things I've seen and heard of this year is just simply outstanding.

My team is doing some great things with such a young team. Taking second place in our first meet when we were seeded third, then this past week taking 1st in our meet having a solid amount people unable to compete. I'm excited to see just how far our team can go. We have a special team chemistry about us that I honestly have Never had throughout my years of competing (football and track). Cuesta is a great leader and I always try competing at the same level mentally like he does. Darien (thrower on our team) has shown nothing but great potential to honestly be a top shot putter in the state. In practice he's been throwing 47-48, am as long as we can get him to do that in meets on a consistent basis, he could be a true scoring threat in meets and championships to come.

I personally am not completely pleased with some of the numbers Ive hit the last couple of weeks, but I can't say it's awful either. I just need to find a way within myself to stay relaxed before competition as I am in practice. Practicing I've hit numbers any where from 58-61, but from the bus ride to USM to the second I step in the ring I just get very worked up with the state record on my mind, and I find myself Trying way too hard. I believe I'll breakthrough at some point. That I'll have fun with it, and start to hit the numbers I'm looking for, but as of right now, this early in the season, I'm happy with what I've thrown!

Good luck to everyone this weekend and have fun!

Daniel Guiliani