Meet Information

Time ScheduleClass C Girls 11:00 A.M., Boys 11:35 A.M.Class A Girls 12:30 P.M., Boys 1:05 P.M.Class B Girls 2:00 P.M., Boys 2:35 P.M New England InformationIndividual athletes will be selected based on the results of state competition with the champion of each class and the next 22 finishers as determined by their times in thecombined Classes A, B and C being invited to represent the state. Qualifying athletes and teams must contact Dave Jeffrey @ (989-4140) to verify their participation.Six teams will qualify for New England Competition. They will be:1. The state champions from Classes A, B and C will automatically qualify.2. The state meet will then be rescored as one meet with all schools included in the rescoring. The teams, regardless of class, with the three best scores, not including thestate champions, will qualify.New England regulations only allow nine entries per team. If your team qualifies, pleasesubmit only nine names for the New England meet.The MPA will enter all qualified athletes and teams. Information will be distributed to allcoaches in their post-season event championship packets and posted on the MPA web page. It is the parents or schools responsibility to pay all fees, transportation, lodging, etc., for the athletes and coach.The schools, which the qualifying athletes and teams attend, have an automatic waiver of the Sport Season Policy for the athlete and for the qualifying team. A coach may work with the qualifying athlete or team prior to the event and coach the athlete or team at the New England Competition. If a Saturday competition should be postponed to Sunday for any reason, Maines athletes and teams will not be allowed to compete.A coach who holds current coach's eligibility status must be present and assume responsibility for a school's athlete(s) at the New England Competition.