All-Time Maine Girls Outdoor Track and Field 800m Programs

The Wilcox sisters, Beth and Jesse ranked second and third all-time in Mt Ararat history for the 800m, above is the finish line photo from the 2005 Class A state meet.

All-Time 800m Programs

We've been working to expand our vast results database this summer adding in several state championship meets dating back to 1994, and the plan is to continue throughout the summer.  While we don't have every team's top athletes of all time we wanted to take a look at the data we had to see what programs (schools) had the top performers in every track and field event outdoors.

We scored each team just like a cross-country meet, giving 1 point for the fastest time and so on. A program's score is based on the top five performers in the event with the top 7 athletes acting as displacers.

Today we are going to take a look at the girl's 800m dash. Below are the top five programs based on the results we currently have in the database. For the complete list of 91 teams visit the link below

Mt Ararat at the front end is unmatched with three girls under 2:16 led by Jen Moreau who ran a best of 2:15.26. The Wilcox sisters Beth and Jesse were excellent as well clocking 2:15.64 and 2:15.67 respectively. The Eagles averaged 2:16.91 for their scoring, five runners, impressive considering at some schools that time is much faster than their school record. 

The Scots of Bonny Eagle have surged up the all-time list in recent years. They have five athletes who have run under 2:20 led by Delaney Hesler who clocked a 2:17.50 this spring. Other standouts for the Scots were Amber Dostie's 2:18.66, Samantha Cox 2:18.88, and Kayla Raymond 2:18.98 are recent graduates who ran fast. They averaged 2:18.68, and have seven girls who have run 2:21.51 or faster.

The Trojans of Thornton Academy jumped up to third this spring with current standout Mia-Claire Kezal leading the way with a 2:16.09, with Kylie Bedard running 2:19.84 to jump to fourth-best in TA history.

Scarborough ranks fourth behind Kaitlynn Saldanha's 2:15.13, the former state record holder now ranks sixth-best all-time in the event. The Red Storm have had three girls under 2:20 while averaging 2:19.96 for their scoring five.

The Red Riots of South Portland is another team that has moved up recently with fifth-ranked Juliana Selser 2:14.11 leading the way. 2020 grad Anna Folley ranks second for South Portland, her best effort was 2:18.35. The five-woman average for SP was 2:20.02.

1Mt. Ararat High School (ME)100
1) Jen Moreau2:15.268
2) Beth Wilcox2:15.6410
3) Jesse Wilcox2:15.6711
4) Christina Erving2:18.7832
5) Cuyler Goodwin2:19.2039
Average Time: 2:16.91 Total Time: 11:24.55 1-5 Split: 3.94
6) Chloe Emerson2:25.23147
7) Katrina Gelwick2:25.76170
2Bonny Eagle High School (ME)166
1) Delaney Hesler2:17.5023
2) Amber Dostie2:18.6630
3) Samantha Cox2:18.8834
4) Kayla Raymond2:18.9836
5) Kialeigh Marston2:19.3943
Average Time: 2:18.68 Total Time: 11:33.41 1-5 Split: 1.89
6) Ami Beaumier2:21.3965
7) Kyaunna Libby2:21.5170
3Thornton Academy (ME)244
1) Mia-Claire Kezal2:16.0913
2) Kathleen Rice2:19.0937
3) Charlotte Pierce2:19.3241
4) Kylie Bedard2:19.8445
5) Erica Reaser2:23.72108
Average Time: 2:19.61 Total Time: 11:38.06 1-5 Split: 7.63
6) Marie Lemay2:24.02118
7) Hannah Wiley2:26.40195
4Scarborough High School (ME)277
1) Kaitlynn Saldanha2:15.136
2) Whitney Chamberlain2:19.2940
3) Emily Tolman2:19.8444
4) Abby Chick2:21.6574
5) Hilary Curtis2:23.90113
Average Time: 2:19.96 Total Time: 11:39.81 1-5 Split: 8.77
6) Jessica Curlew2:25.23148
7) Zaria Udeh2:26.08184
5South Portland High School (ME)294
1) Juliana Selser2:14.115
2) Anna Folley2:18.3529
3) Nyajock Pan2:20.4751
4) Annelise Donahue2:23.0790
5) Olivia Hendry2:24.10119
Average Time: 2:20.02 Total Time: 11:40.10 1-5 Split: 9.99
6) Rachel Ranger2:24.79142
7) Amy Hodges2:26.34193